Tim Allen OWNS PC Culture in Talks on 'Last Man Standing' Revival
SNL Skewers 'Morning Joe' Again in Season Finale
Michael Moore's Shocking Comments About Trump, Impeachment
Jimmy Kimmel Goes On Rant Pushing Viewers to Vote Out Pro-Gun Congressmen
Billboard Music Awards Get Really, Really Political
The Reason Conservatives are Dropping Netflix
12. Grunt Style
11. Target
10. Conservative Review TV
9. Chick-Fil-A
8. Bass Pro Shops
7. Domino’s Pizza
6. Red Lobster
5. McDonald's
4. My Pillow
3. Cracker Barrel
2. Black Riffle Coffee
1. Orca Coolers
Conservative Companies You Won’t Feel Guilty Buying From
Celebs Blame Trump, Republicans for Texas Shooting
Country Star Writes Song for Melania Trump
Meet Fox News' New CEO
Stormy Daniels' Lawyer May Be Getting a TV Show With This Trump Staffer
Watch Tucker Carlson School This Anti-NRA Candidate
Roseanne Snaps Back at ABC Execs Claiming Her Show Will Be Less Political Next Season
Say Goodbye to the Most Liberal Show on TV
This Actor is Positive He Can Beat Trump in 2020
Jimmy Kimmel: 'Our President is a Lunatic and We're All Gonna Die'
Stephen King Went Way Too Far Trashing Melania
O'Reilly in 'Advanced Talks' About His Return to Cable
Celebrities Blame Trump for This International Incident
Hannity Defends Fox News After String of Firings
The Real Reason This 'NCIS' Star Left the Show
'Fox & Friends' Sends Direct Message to Trump
Jimmy Kimmel Changes His Tune on Trump
Jeff Daniels: This is the End of the Republican Party
Here's Who Trump Talks To Before Bed
SNL's 'Weekend Update' Makes Huge Admission
Colbert Can't Talk Freed North Korean Hostages Without Taking a Swipe at Melania
Great News for 'Last Man Standing' Fans
15. Dennis Rodman
14. Terrell Owens
13. Willie Robertson
12. Hulk Hogan
11. Kristie Alley
10. Gary Busey
9. Mike Tyson
8. Dana White
7. Dean Cain
6. Ted Nugent
5. Roseanne Barr
4. Clint Eastwood
3. Gene Simmons
2. Jon Voight
1. Kanye West
Pro-Trump Celebrities
How Russian Spies are Terrorizing Military Wives' Homes
How 'Roseanne' is Schooling the Competition
Colbert: Trump Likes This More than He Likes His Own Children
Michelle Wolf Actually Thinks Sarah Sanders Liked Her Jokes
Bill O'Reilly Threatens Jim Acosta
Donald Trump Jr. is Dating This Fox News Host
The Kardashians Have a Request for Trump
Jim Carrey Goes on Tirade About Scott Pruitt
Barbra Streisand Just Lost It Over Trump Pulling Out of Iran Deal
Bill O'Reilly Makes a Huge Offer to Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Hillary Clinton Announces Future Intentions for Presidential Run
Whoopi Goldberg: Trump Has Done Nothing for Black Americans
Late-Night Hosts are Already Mocking Melania's Latest Initiative
Ron Perlman Melts Down Over Trump
Busted! Rosie O'Donnell Caught Going WAY Over Campaign Donation Limits
This Fox News Host Just Shredded Trump for Four Minutes Straight
MSNBC's Unexpected Prediction About The 2020 Election
Roseanne Skewers CNN Over Stormy Daniels Coverage
Trump's Numbers Got a HUGE Bump from Kanye
Is This Beloved Conservative Show Finally Returning to TV?
Jim Carrey Puts Out Another Vulgar Trump Drawing
This Late-Night Host Just Suggested We Abandon Democracy
Roseanne Steps Up to Defend Kanye
WWE Wrestler's Political Career Off to a Good Start
Top 10 Trump Twitter Take-downs
10. Fake News CNN
9. Little Adam Schiff
8. The Habitual Vacationer Barack Obama
7. Sloppy Steve Bannon
6. Jeff Flakey Flake
5. Cryin’ Chuck Schumer
Bad News For 'Roseanne'
Kathy Griffin Goes After Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity in One Epic Rant
Trump Reignites Feud With Colin Kaepernick
Hannity's Takedown of the New York Times
Roseanne's Scathing Response to Her Haters
Stormy Daniels Files Lawsuit Against Trump
Bill Maher's Desperate Plea to Roseanne Barr
The Numbers are In — How Carlson Stacks Up Against O'Reilly
Kanye West Continues Love for Trump With New Song
Kathy Griffin Has a Wild Trump Conspiracy
14. George Clooney
13. Kanye West
12. Alec Baldwin
11. Mark Cuban
10. Ben Affleck
9. Ron Perlman
8. Kevin Hart
7. Stephen Colbert
6. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson
5. Will Smith
4. Chris Rock
3. Katy Perry
2. Tim McGraw
14 Celebrities That Might Challenge Trump In 2020
1. Oprah
Sorry, Trump Supporters — This Rapper Thinks You're Just 'Dumb Racists'
Trump Sends a Message to Shania Twain
New Exposé Says Hillary Would've Been Like FDR — But That's Not a Compliment
Alec Baldwin's Bonkers Comments on White House Staff Will Have You Fuming
Teacher Bullies Eighth Grader for Liking Trump, Fox News
Reporter Reveals the Interview Hillary Clinton Tried to Kill
Yikes: NBC's $69 Million Bet on Megyn Kelly Looks Worse and Worse
TV Host Targets Trump Himself With Ad During 'Hannity'
Here's the Brand Americans Can't Stop Talking About
Don't Miss Mel Brooks' Epic Takedown of Political Correctness
This Late-Night Host Just Compared Trump to an Orangutan
Former Fox News Anchor Scores a Brand New Gig
Stormy Daniels Gets Back to Work
Rapper Professes Love for President Trump
Here's When You Can Get Bill O'Reilly's Next Book
Rosie O'Donnell's Tribute to 'Roseanne' Includes a Trump Insult, Of Course
Robert De Niro Reveals the One Person He'd Never Play
Bill Maher Says This World Leader is 'Obviously' Blackmailing Trump
Shania Twain Says She Would've Voted for Trump — But Then Took it Back
Cher Takes Back Trump Insult, Says She Went 'Too Far'
O'Reilly Rips James Comey's Book to Shreds
Sean Hannity's Epic Takedown of ABC News
Guest Goes Up Against Laura Ingraham on Her Own Show
Not All of the 'Roseanne' Cast is Pro-Trump — And One Just Insulted All Trump Voters
Comedians Fight Fake News With a Fake Obama Video
Megyn Kelly Takes On Alex Jones
Jimmy Kimmel's Wild Theory on Why Trump Gives a Thumbs-Up So Often
Meghan McCain Goes Off on James Comey — To His Face
Dick's Sporting Goods Makes Another Huge Announcement on Guns
'Roseanne' Sends a Huge Message to Hollywood
Robert De Niro Has Big Plans for Trump on SNL
Amy Schumer Cries Over 'NIghtmare' Trump
James Comey Trashes Trump With Stephen Colbert: 'I'm Like a Breakup He Can't Get Over'
Here's America's Least-Liked TV Personality
'Blood Everywhere': Southwest Airplane's Engine Explodes, Passenger 'Partially Sucked Out' of Window
Here's What Fox News Has Said About Sean Hannity's Alleged Connection to Michael Cohen
Carrie Underwood Makes Triumphant Return in First Performance After Grisly Injury
Comedian Tries to File a Restraining Order Against Trump
Jenna Bush Hager Shares Tearful Update on Grandmother Barbara Bush
NBC Show Mocks Christianity in Latest Episode
NYC Chick-Fil-A Opening Declared 'Creepy' by Liberal Writer
Hannity Goes Up Against Maddow — See Who Came Out on Top
Rosie O'Donnell Goes On Unhinged Anti-Trump Tweet Storm
Hillary Clinton Puts Her Hypocrisy On Display
Joy Behar Goes Off the Deep End With These Trump Claims
Rosie O'Donnell: This Republican is Going 'Straight to Hell'
Slovenians Gang Up on Kimmel to Demand Apology for Melania
Sean Hannity Issues Jimmy Kimmel a Challenge
Roseanne Barr Slams Facebook for Censoring Diamond and Silk
Michael Moore Tells Trump to 'Grow a Pair'
Chelsea Handler Calls This Movement a 'Referendum on Trump'
Meghan McCain Schools 'The View' Hosts on Trump
Kimmel Locked in Losing Feud With Sean Hannity
Here's Just How Many People are Boycotting Kimmel Over Melania Comments
Laura Ingraham Responds to Haters in Return to Fox News
Mark Cuban Thinks We Shouldn't Listen to Trump
Watch: Geraldo and Bill Maher Place Bets on Trump and Russia
Jimmy Kimmel is Paying for Those Awful Comments About Melania
How Stormy Daniels is Making Big Money Off Trump
Trump Driving Reporters Crazy With Reason Not to Attend Correspondents Dinner
Band Puts Ivanka Trump on Cover of Album Called 'Complicit'
Seth Meyers' Joke About Melania Trump Totally Crossed the Line
Hillary Clinton Goes on Epic Rant Against Fox News
Hollywood Director Wishes for Trump's Death
Judge Turns Down Bill O'Reilly's Request to Seal Settlement Info
Megyn Kelly Grills Stormy Daniels' Lawyer
Kathy Griffin's Impersonation of Kellyanne Conway is Just Awful
Celebs Blame NRA for YouTube Shooting
Jimmy Kimmel Makes Fun of Melania Trump For Her Accent
Kathy Griffin Attacks Entire Trump Family
Fox News Stands Up for Laura Ingraham Despite Losing Advertisers
Even Elementary School Students are Kneeling During the Anthem
Meghan McCain Shuts Down 'The View' Hosts on 'Roseanne' Reboot's Success
Chrissy Teigen Gets Into Twitter Spat With Bill O'Reilly
Donald Trump Has High Hopes for This Show to End Fake News
Laura Ingraham Takes Vacation as Advertisers Continue to Bail
Kathy Griffin to Play This Trump Staffer in Comedy Central Special
Show Creators Shock Hollywood With Huge Admission -- 'We're Republicans'
Jim Carrey Hits Trump With 'Fifty Shades of Decay'
Stormy Daniels Sues Trump's Lawyer
Laura Ingraham is Losing Advertisers Left and Right
Geraldo Rivera Says He Feels Sorry for Bill O'Reilly
Why James Comey is Thrilled Trump Fired Him
Here's What Trump Had to Say About the 'Roseanne' Reboot
Ann Coulter Ramps Up Her Trump Hate
Megyn Kelly: Stormy Daniels Wasn't the Only One Threatened by Trump
The Ratings for Pro-Trump 'Roseanne' Reboot — And No One Expected This
Michael Moore Wants to Change the Voting Age
Larry the Cable Guy Slams People Trying to Get Rid of the Second Amendment
13-Year-Old Suspended for Drawing a Gun
Planned Parenthood Made Disney Fans Everywhere Furious With This One Tweet
CNN Has Big News About Trump's Approval Rating
Bill O'Reilly Roasts '60 Minutes' Over 'Garbage' Stormy Daniels Interview
Bill O'Reilly Returns to Fox News — But You'll Have to Look Closely
How Neil Young Wants to Get Rid of 'Lowlife' Trump
Former Fox News Anchor Sues Bill O'Reilly
Rapper Rips Government on Taxation: 'What Are You Doing WIth My F***ing Money?'
This American Wrestler is Using Trump Props to Draw Audiences
Actor Goes In on Trump, 'RINO Wimps' Over Omnibus
Roseanne Barr Attacks Jimmy Kimmel Over His Trump Tirades
William Shatner Roasts Facebook Over Fake News
Former Miss America Wins GOP Primary
Meghan McCain Points Out Major Hypocrisy of 'The View' Hosts
Jay Leno Burns Bill Clinton on the Tonight Show
This Democrat Says He Would Have Beaten Up Trump in High School
Andrea Mitchell Scores Job for Ex-Trump Staffer
Arnold Schwarzenegger Flies Gas-Guzzilng Helicopter While Suing Oil Companies for 'Murder'
Fox News Loses Another Contributor
Rosie O'Donnell, Jim Carrey Take On Facebook
HBO Host Mocks Vice President's Faith
Michael Moore Slams Media for Overdoing Coverage of This Trump Story
Actress Challenges Liberal NY Governor
Hillary Clinton Apologizes to Trump Supporters
Jim Carrey Rips Trump's 'So-Called Christian' Confidante
The Fox News Story Trump Called Fake News
Dating Site Slammed for Banning Photos Containing Guns
Trump Attorney May Be Trying to Kill Stormy Daniels Interview
Jimmy Kimmel Says Political Rants Have Hurt Him
Pat Sajak Schools Politically Correct Celebs on Twitter
Trump's Son Barely Escapes Death by Helicopter
Meghan McCain Drops Major Clinton Truth Bomb
This Actor is Actually Leaving the Country Because of Trump
Shaquille O'Neal Comes Out Against Gun Control
You Won't Believe the Latest Allegations Against Megyn Kelly
This Late-Night Host Just Sued Trump
Robert De Niro Tears Into 'Idiot' Trump
This Liberal Celebrity Just Praised Trump's North Korea Policy
Fox News Rolls Out Huge Advertising Campaign
Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes on Big Oil
Megyn Kelly Thinks This World Leader Has Dirt on Trump
Jimmy Fallon Thinks All These Things are More Fun Than a Trump Rally
Pamela Anderson Goes After Trump
Mike Pence Demands Public Apology from Joy Behar
Trump Destroys 'Fake as Hell' CNN
Is Joy Behar Going to Apologize For Her Anti-Christian Comments?
Bill Maher Calls Out Liberal Hypocrisy
NY Times Reporter: College Students Being Turned Into Wusses
Jimmy Kimmel Wants to Host Trump and the Woman Suing Him
Late-Night Host Dry Heaves While Talking About Trump
Fox News Announces a Huge Change for its Viewers
This is Facebook's Favorite News Anchor
Porn Star Stormy Daniels Sues Donald Trump
Jimmy Kimmel Still Defensive After Oscars Spat With Trump
Modern Family Pushes Gun Control Agenda on Viewers
NBC Moves to Shelve Megyn Kelly
Chelsea Clinton Says Ivanka Trump is Fair Game for Criticism
Alec Baldwin Questions the Second Amendment, Of Course
Trump Roasts the Oscars for Ratings Flop
Bill Maher Blasts Liberal Outlets for Acting 'Morally Superior'
Alec Baldwin Returns to SNL as Trump After Trump Called Impression 'Agony'
See Every Single Trump Dig Made by Celebrities at the Oscars
Even the Ads During the Oscars Have Gotten Political
Actor Working on Plan to 'Get Rid' of Trump
Will The NRA Boycott Actually Work?
Page Six Exposé Details 'Toxic' Atmosphere at Megyn Kelly Today
Jennifer Lawrence Calls Out Dems for 'Chastising' Trump Voters
Late Night Host: It's 'Almost Necessary' to Insult Trump
O'Reilly Airs a Big Grievance About Trump
Conservative Artist Trolls Liberal Hollywood With Huge Oscars Billboards
Watch Cindy McCain Go Off on Trump Over 'Bullying'
Malia Obama Ignores Her Mother's Advice
Omarosa is Sure Trump Will Come After Her After Her Book Release
Michelle Obama Announces a Huge New Project
Jimmy Kimmel's Offer to Oprah Would Seriously Offend Trump
Michael Moore: The NRA is 15,189 Times Worse than ISIS
Wait — Did Joy Behar Actually Stand Up for Gun Owners?
Florida School Shooter Has Ties to Clinton
Martin Sheen: JFK Would Do Something Trump Would Be Too Afraid to Do
'Clueless' Actress Rebounds from Lost Fox News Job With Run for Congress
Dan Rather Reveals Why Media Struggles to Cover Trump
Bill O'Reilly's Comeback Hits Speed Bump
Spotted at CPAC: This Reality TV Star is a Huge Trump Fan
Kathy Griffin Snubbed Again Because of Trump
Rosie O'Donnell Cashes In on Trump Hate
Liberal Actress: Trump Voters Victims of 'Cult Brainwashing'
Michael Moore Calls NRA a 'Terrorist Organization'
Stephen King Rips Congressman Over NRA Ties
Oprah Snaps Back at Trump
Kathie Lee: 'We Need More Jesus,' So I'm Taking Megyn Kelly to Church
Megyn Kelly Pushes Forward In Losing Battle Against Jane Fonda
Fox News Announces Major New Project
Good News for Tim Tebow's Future
Anderson Cooper Spars With Donald Trump Jr.
Ted Cruz Blasts 'Enormous Hypocrisy' of Hollywood Liberals
Rev. Billy Graham Dead at 99
'Morning Joe' Actually Agrees With Trump About Obama Criticism
Kathy Griffin Offers to Host Correspondents' Dinner Under One Condition
Michael Moore Duped by the Russians
LeBron James Hits Back Against Laura Ingraham
Was Obama's Portrait Made in China?
The Weird Reason Trump Wants Oprah to Run for President
Another Woman Claims She Had an Affair With Trump
Laura Ingraham Calls Out LeBron James for Anti-Trump Comments
Roseanne Barr Says We're 'Lucky' to Have Trump — But It's Not What You Think
This Late-Night Host Called Trump 'Mentally Ill'
Megyn Kelly Rages Against the NRA
Clothing Designer With NFL Deal Exposed as Sex Offender
Sean Hannity Says He's Afraid of 'Secret Sperm' on Obama Painting
The Sad Reason North Korean Olympians Aren't Defecting
Here's What The Note Inside Trump Jr.'s Suspicious Envelope Said
High School Bans National Anthem — You Already Know Why
Watch: Joy Behar Attacks VP Mike Pence On Air for 'Mental Illness'
Sarah Silverman Calls Trump's Attorney General a 'Racist C***'
Former Trump Ally Trashes Vice President for His Faith
Trump Jr.'s Wife Hospitalized After Receiving Suspicious Letter
Liberal Comedian Says Women in White House 'Should Leave'
Kathy Griffin Lashes Out at Hollywood for Not Supporting Her
Joy Behar Said She's 'Offended' by Republicans, and Meghan McCain is Not Having It
Chelsea Handler: It's 'Pretty Clear' Trump Should Be Arrested
Barack and Michelle Obama's Portraits Revealed — And The Opinions are Mixed
Former Trump Staffer Says She'd Never Vote for Trump Again
Bill O'Reilly Takes Down MSNBC Hosts in Extreme Rant
Late-Night Hosts Rip 'Dictator' Trump for Military Parade
Watch: Omarosa Turns on Trump
Quincy Jones' Creepy Comments About Ivanka Trump
Piers Morgan Calls Out BBC for Broadcasting Disgusting Drawing of Trump
'Today' Hosts Get Together for Party — But No Sign of Megyn Kelly
'Law & Order: SVU' Star Running for Congress
Jimmy Kimmel Says Liberals Make Better Late-Night Hosts — See Why
Liberal Comedian's Weird Bipartisan Goal
Christie Brinkley Reveals Lurid Story About 'Smarmy' Donald Trump
Former Fox News Host Gets a New Gig
These Philadelphia Eagles Players Won't Visit the White House
People Expected a Ratings Swing for the Super Bowl — But Not Like This
Watch: Jimmy Fallon Rips Trump in Post-Super Bowl Show
Actress Insults Trump, Then Tries to Get America to 'Come Together'
Megyn Kelly Banned from Another Major Event
Here's What the NFL Will Do if Players Protest at the Super Bowl
'Real Housewives' Star Begs Trump for Help
Alex Trebek Roasts Jeopardy! Contestants Over Lack of Football Knowledge
Seriously? CNBC Contributor Makes Bonkers Comments About Trump's Immigration Policy
There's a Major Swing in Public Opinion About Trump — See the Poll
More Bad News for the Super Bowl
Stephen King Doubles Down on Insulting Republicans
Stephen King Just Insulted All Republicans
Movie Poster Features Hat Exactly Like the 'Make America Great Again' Hats
Former Trump Staffer to Go on Reality TV
This Democrat Thinks Trump Speeches Need a Parental Advisory Warning
Kathy Griffin Lashes Out Over Continued Aftermath of Trump Beheading Photo
Megyn Kelly Throws 'Fit' Over Olympics Snub
Bill O'Reilly Makes His Big TV Return — See How He Did
Burn! Trump Shades The NFL in State of the Union Speech
George Lopez's Empty Threat Against Trump
Conservative Slams Hillary for Ruining the Grammys
Liberal Celebrities Join for Anti-SOTU Tonight
Andrea Tantaros Adds Even More to Fox News Scandal
Rapper Says Even THIS Would Be a Better President Than Trump
Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Appearance at Grammys Just to Bash Trump
Watch College Students Comment on SOTU That Hasn't Happened Yet
Bill Maher Actually Agreed With Trump on Something
Bad News for Megyn Kelly's Show
Cher's Petty Takedown of Sarah Sanders
Liberal Comedian Has a Totally Nuts Solution for School Shootings
Rosie O'Donnell's Disgusting Comments to Sarah Huckabee Sanders
You Won't Believe What This Study Blamed for Global Warming
Celebrities Seethe Over the 'Horror' of Trump's UN Cuts
Oprah Finally Answers the Question Everyone's Been Asking
Fox News Host Distances Himself from Sean Hannity
CNN Host Gets Death Threats, Blames Trump For Them
Sheriff Clarke Latest Victim of Turkish Hacking
Ann Curry Puts Megyn Kelly on Blast: That's 'Not Journalism'
NFL Rejects Veterans' Super Bowl Ad
Rosie O'Donnell: Megyn Kelly is a 'Spineless Wannabe Barbie'
Suzanne Somers' Career-Ending Trump Comments
Kathy Griffin Snubbed by Women's March
Terrible News for Saturday Night Live
Kid Rock Just Did Something Awesome for Conservatives
This Clothing Company Advertises to Fox News Viewers for a Terrible Reason
Jane Fonda: Megyn Kelly is 'Not That Good an Interviewer'
Comedian's Diatribe Declares Trump a Racist
Donald Trump May Snub the NFL in a Huge Way
Forbes Magazine is Trending — But Not For The Usual Reasons
Why These Turkish Hackers Targeted Fox News Hosts
Bad News for Oprah Winfrey Fans
Nancy Pelosi Picks Up a Weird Side Gig
Inside Megyn Kelly's 'Toxic and Demeaning' Show
Newsweek Makes Absurd Claim About Hillary Clinton
This Trump Book is Being Turned Into a TV Show
Brit Hume Makes Denial About Totally Bizarre Trump Accusation
Turkish Hackers Take Aim at These Former Fox Hosts
Here's Who Beat Out Megyn Kelly for Olympics Reporting Spot
Hollywood Director Offers to Donate $100K to Charity if Trump Does This One Thing
CNN's Sanjay Gupta Says White House Doctor is Wrong
Whoopi Goldberg Has A Massive Overreaction to Trump
Watch This Actress Burn Megyn Kelly
The Reason Megyn Kelly Got Snubbed on Olympics Coverage
Katie Couric Finally Speaks on Matt Lauer's Firing
Watch: SNL Hits Morning Joe Hosts, Bannon
This Singer Just Called Trump 'Mentally Ill' and 'Elderly'
Tim Allen 'Overwhelmed' By New Push for 'Last Man Standing' Return
Celebrities Are Livid Over This Alleged Trump Comment
Fox News Correspondent Leaves Amid Another Scandal
Barbra Streisand Rips Trump: 'You Can't Stand the Heat'
Jay Leno Trashes Late-Night TV For Turning Into 'Depressing' Trump-Bashing
Chelsea Handler's Disgusting Attack on a Republican Senator
Pop Star Slams Oprah For Being 'Part of the Problem for Years'
Will Steve Bannon Move to Fox News?
Which Will Go? Kathie Lee, Megyn Kelly Risk Getting Cut During Olympics
Robert De Niro Has Very Public Breakdown Over Trump
Megyn Kelly Refuses to Host This Loud Trump Critic
Roseanne Barr's TV Character Will Be a Trump Supporter
Here's How Oprah Stacks Up Against Potential Democratic Candidates
Fox News Hits Bump in Ratings — See What Happened
How Oprah Could Actually Get the Presidential Nomination
Megyn Kelly May Be Losing Her 'Today' Time Slot
Oprah's Golden Globes Speech Has Hollywood Stars Begging Her to Run for President
Hollywood Director Snaps Over Trump Tweet: 'Shut The F*** Up'
Yale Prof: Trump May Cause Extinction of the Human Race
Trump Jr. Rips Meryl Streep
Meghan McCain Shuts Down Hosts on 'The View'
O'Reilly: Trump Jr. Just 'Dumb,' Not Treasonous
David Letterman Announces First Guest on New Show
Meghan McCain Throws Down The Gauntlet Against Ivanka Trump
This TV Host is Sure Trump Will Kill Us All
Kathy Griffin Still Blaming Trump for Her Career-Ending Mistake
Eric Trump's Scuffle With Ellen DeGeneres is Totally Bizarre
Why Hoda Kotb is Making Way Less Money Than Matt Lauer Did
Megyn Kelly is Not Taking The 'Today' Shake-Up Well
What Will Happen to Kathie Without Hoda?
Watch: Fox News Host Hilariously Mocks Kathy Griffin
NFL Star Defends His Love of 'Jesus and Hunting'
Chelsea Handler Ramps Up Trump Hate for 2018
Greta Van Susteren Makes a Brief Return to TV
All the Celebrities We Lost in 2017
Today Announces Matt Lauer's Replacement
Fox News Host Named Head of Miss America Board
Facebook Ditches Fake News Tags
Papa John's CEO Out Because He Criticized NFL Protests
Scam Alert: Oprah Fans Targeted by Social Media Scammers
55 Years Later, Greta Van Susteren Responds to Newspaper
Topless Woman Tries to Steal Baby Jesus from Vatican Nativity Scene
Twitter Finally Takes Action Against Rosie O'Donnell
CNN: Should We Retire 'Inherently Sexist' Movie 'It's a Wonderful Life'?
Rosie O'Donnell's Christmas Wish for Paul Ryan: 'Go Straight to Hell'
See This NFL Star's Beautiful Christmas Letter to John McCain
President Trump Beating Meryl Streep in Popularity
Watch: Tom Brokaw Tears Into Fox News For Its 'Jihad'
Comedian Pities 'Naive Poor White People' That Voted for Trump
Media Finally Admits Trump's Presidency Isn't as Bad as They Thought
Bill O'Reilly's Defamation Case Gets Even Worse
Another Slump for Hillary Clinton
Twitter's New Policy Only Bans Right-Wing Hate, Excuses Liberal Extremists
Did Rosie O'Donnell Break the Law in Trying to Bribe Republicans?
Is Alec Baldwin Changing His Tune on Trump?
Tom Hanks Preemptively Turns Down White House Invitation
CNN Anchors Find Their Pettiest Trump Insult Yet
Trump Fans Will Hate This Upcoming Showtime Series
Watch: Fox News Guest Tears Colin Kaepernick Apart
Fox News Settles Sexual Harassment Suit
Rosie O'Donnell Ripped for Trying to Bribe Republican Senators
Trump's Son Had a Killer Response to Rapper Trashing His Dad
'Grinch' Democratic Senator Makes Last-Ditch Effort to Try to Derail Tax Bill
Payback! Megyn Kelly Gets Back at Her Former Nemesis
Finally! See Trump in Disney's Hall of Presidents
This Rapper Wants America to Be Great — But Not Under Trump
If This Deal Goes Through, Kaepernick Could Be Back in the NFL
Chick-fil-A Saves the Day in Atlanta
Hillary Clinton Brings a Few More Excuses for Her Loss to the Ellen DeGeneres Show
This Celebrity Won't Run for President in 2020 — But Maybe in 2024
Celebrities Losing It Over Latest FCC Move
Matt Damon Excuses Al Franken, Louis C.K. in 'Trainwreck' of an Interview
Will Smith: Trump's 'Darkness' a Response to the 'Light' of Obama's Presidency
Megyn Kelly Gets a Huge Bump from This Trump Story
Pastor Shouts 'Don't Shoot Me!' As He Slaps Trump to Kill Venomous Spider
Meghan McCain Gets Some Unlikely Support on 'The View'
Longtime Trump Confidante Exits the White House
How Matt Lauer is Trying to Get Back to TV
Anderson Cooper Blames Anti-Trump Tweet on Hacker
Sarah Sanders Issues a Warning to CNN Big Shot
Will Alec Baldwin's Trump Impression Ever End?
NYC Pipe Bomber's Message to Trump
See the Most-Watched Cable News Network of 2017
Alec Baldwin's Latest Anti-Trump Stunt
Looks Like This Celebrity Won't Run for President After All
Megyn Kelly Defends Trump Voters
How Fox News is Angling for More Morning Viewers
Twitter Rips Liberal Comedian for Being a 'Bully' to Sarah Huckabee Sanders
WATCH: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Shuts Up Joy Behar on Fake News
Major Conservative Snubbed in Time Magazine List
CNN Fumbles Another Story — This One Might Be the Worst of All
Roseanne Says Al Franken Blames Trump for His Indiscretions
Alec Baldwin Attacks Megyn Kelly's Reporting
Hollywood Bemoans Al Franken's Resignation
Why Jennifer Lawrence Can't Wait to Meet Trump
NAACP Trashes Trump for Plans to Attend Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Opening
Liberal Comedian Blames Trump for Something Truly Outrageous
NYT Lists All the Liberals Involved in Weinstein Coverup
Megyn Kelly: Trump's Election a 'Setback for Women'
See How the Today Show is Faring Without Matt Lauer
Liberal Comedian Trashes 'Harlot' Press Sec Sarah Huckabee Sanders For 'Summer Whore Lipstick'
Jane Fonda Praises Colin Kaepernick
Megyn Kelly Gets Into a Spat With Bill O'Reilly
Tom Hanks Has 'Concerns' About President Trump
Greta Van Susteren and Gretchen Carlson Feud on Twitter
Twitter Employee Who Deleted Trump's Account Finally Speaks
Megyn Kelly Invites Another Awkward Situation to Her Show
Bill O'Reilly Challenges Jeff Sessions
Jimmy Fallon's Ratings are Suffering Because He Won't Attack Trump
Jimmy Kimmel Offers to Fight Roy Moore
Ivanka Trump Accused of Plagiarizing Herself
Alec Baldwin Takes Trump Act On the Road
Billy Baldwin Makes a Serious Allegation Against Trump
Beloved 'Andy Griffith Show' Actor Dies
Bill O'Reilly's Sharp Message to Trump
New Details Emerge in Matt Lauer Harassment Case
Jim Carrey's Latest Comments Have Republicans Fuming
The Kardashians Take On Gun Control
The Numbers Are In: See How Megyn Kelly is Doing
With Matt Lauer Out, Here's NBC's Highest-Paid Anchor
Watch: Meghan McCain Smacks Joy Behar With the Truth
NBC Axes 'Today' Host
Seth Meyers Gives Trump Some Superlatives
Major Political Commentator Quits Ahead of Trump's 'Inevitable' Impeachment
Celebrity Gets OWNED On Twitter for Insulting Trump
Alec Baldwin: Trump Should Be Put in a Retirement Home
Rock Star: I Would Kill Trump for the 'Safety of Humanity'
Watch: Megyn Kelly's Most Awkward Interviews Ever
Sarandon: We're Lucky Hillary Wasn't Elected
This Liberal Comedian 'Fell in Love' With Trump Supporters
Fox News Hires Major Trump Supporter
Bill O'Reilly Invited This Controversial Anti-Trump Celebrity Onto His Podcast
Stephen Colbert's Stern Message to Donald Trump
Is Taylor Swift a Secret Trump Fan?
Speed Demon Fox News Personality Hit With HUGE Speeding Ticket
Fox News Responds to Sean Hannity Petition
Michael Moore Pitches a Fit Because Trump Isn't Being Impeached
Celebrities Take Sides in LaVar Ball vs. Donald Trump Battle
Gene Simmons Reacts to His Ban from Fox News
Kathy Griffin Still Facing Consequences for Distateful Trump Photo
Fox News Host Demands Apology from Time Magazine Columnist
Megyn Kelly Calls Trump 'Tonedeaf'
Greta Van Susteren: You'll Have to Ask MSNBC Why They Fired Me
New Poll Shows Something Terrible About Hillary Voters
Fox News Bans Rock Legend for Life
Democratic Senator Accused of Sexual Assault by News Anchor
Facebook Tries to Fight Fake News... Again
Alec Baldwin's Plans to Ramp Up Attacks on Trump
Vogue Editor Pushes Liberal Actress to Run for Office
Fox News Finally Gives an Update on Absent Anchor
Politician Sued by Bill O'Reilly Makes an Attempt to Get Revenge
Why Fox News Viewers are Furious at Shepard Smith
Trump's Message to UCLA Basketball Players Busted in China
Can't Figure Out Social Media? Greta Van Susteren Wants to Help
Woman Who Flipped Off Trump Laughing All the Way to The Bank
Hannity Loses Another Major Advertiser
There's One Man Who Thinks He Can Beat Trump in 2020 — See Who It Is
Megyn Kelly Angling to Shove Another 'Today' Host Out
Colin Kaepernick Awarded a Huge Honor
Bad News for Sean Hannity
Fox & Friends Trashes New York Times For Publishing This Photo
Whoops! Hannity Puts His Foot in His Mouth Just Before Interview
Megyn Kelly: 'Flipping Off' Trump is 'What America is All About
Faith Hill's Message to the NRA
CNN Host Puts Bill O'Reilly On Blast
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Hillary Clinton Wrote a Letter to Her Teenage Self — See What She Had to Say
Pro-Life Pence Fans Hit Back Against Mila Kunis' Planned Parenthood Donations
Greta Van Susteren Announces a Big New Project
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Former DNC Bigwig: Clinton Campaign Was a 'Cult'
Late-Night Hosts Turn Benefit for Veterans Into Roast of Trump
The Real Reason Megyn Kelly Isn't On the Highest Paid TV Host List
Alec Baldwin Tells Quite the Melania Trump Tale
Paul McCartney: This Trump Policy is 'Madness'
Fox Shuts Down Trump Impeachment Ads
Sports Broadcast Legend: I'll Never Watch NFL Again Because of the Protests
Rosie O'Donnell Plays the Victim — But Wait Till You See Who She Blames
Liberal Comedian Blames Republicans for Texas Shooting
Megyn Kelly's Last-Ditch Content Effort
Twitter Employee Who Shut Down Trump's Account Hailed as 'Hero'
This Actress Has Been Donating Money to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence's Name
Navy Vet Turns Down NFL Award — And Players are Livid
Another Celebrity Creates Dead Trump Photo
CNN Host Goes Off on Fox News
Megyn Kelly: Every Shred of My Dignity is Gone
Another Business Hurting Thanks to NFL Protests
TV CEO Shuts Down Bill O'Reilly Rumors
Celebrities are Losing It Over Donald Trump Jr.'s Halloween Tweet
Facebook Reveals Just How Many People Saw Russian Ads
Laura Ingraham Comes Out On Top
'Unhinged' Kathy Griffin's Friends are Seriously Worried For Her Sanity
This Police Officer's Halloween Costume Has Colin Kaepernick Fuming
Actor: 'F*** You' to Anybody Who Wants Trump to Fail
Huge Fox News Debut Tonight — See the Details
Matt Lauer Just Threw Megyn Kelly Under the Bus
Trump Puts Liberal Producer On Blast
Kathy Griffin Leaks Phone Number of Bigwig 'In Bed With Trump'
Major Company Throws Bill O'Reilly a Life Preserver
The One Thing Laura Ingraham Would Do If She Were a Liberal
Laura Ingraham Kicks Off New Show — See All The Details
Bill O'Reilly Snubbed Yet Again
Rosie O'Donnell 'Seriously Concerned' About Surviving Trump's Presidency
Michael Moore Told a Lie So Big Politifact Jumped In to Correct the Record
Fox News's Most Popular Hosts of All Time — You Won't Believe Who's Still on Top
Megyn Kelly is 'Begging' For Trump to Save Her Show
Bill Nye Admits Defeat
Colin Kaepernick Just Signed A Huge Deal — But It's Not What You Think
Clash Between Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly Heats Up
Elementary School Celebrates Fundraiser With Fake Trump Tombstone
Only MLB Player Who Kneeled During the Anthem Just Got Snubbed
Kid Rock's Big Announcement About His Senate Run
Megyn Kelly Blasts Bill O'Reilly — And O'Reilly Hits Back
The One Thing That Would Ensure a Mark Cuban Run in 2020
Snoop Dogg Ramps Up His Trump Hate
Monday Night Football Hits New Low in Ratings Slump
Bill O'Reilly: Trump Was 'Set Up' in Military Call Controversy
Whataburger Fires Worker for Refusing to Serve Cops
Liberal Celebrities Team Up to Take On the NRA
VIDEO: Megyn Kelly's Desperate Attempt to Save Her Show
Navy SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden Roasts Liberal Comedian
TV Anchors Reveal What They Think About Megyn Kelly
The Weird Way the Russians are Learning About American Politics
Kathy Griffin Says She Has Proof Hollywood Blacklisted Her
Jake Tapper Hits Bill O'Reilly With Brutal Comeback
Reese Witherspoon Reveals Her Own Sexual Harassment Story
Tom Arnold Thinks Trump is Out to Get the NFL
Major NBA Coach Just Called Trump a 'Soulless Coward'
SNL Star Shreds Show for Hypocrisy, Criticizing Trump
Things are Heating Up Between Anthony Scaramucci and This Fox News Host
This Late-Night Host is Hemorrhaging Republican Viewers
How Harvey Weinstein Helped Bill Clinton Amid His Own Sex Scandal
Rapper Leads F*** Trump Chant at Concert
Man Offers HUGE Reward For Info Leading to Trump Impeachment
O'Reilly Promises That His Dog Would Never Kneel During The Anthem
Ivana to Melania: Get Over It
Comedian Booed For Making Jokes About Trump
'American Idol' Star Takes a Knee After Singing the National Anthem
Clinton Foundation Pockets Weinstein Cash
Megyn Kelly's Ratings Find Another 'All-Time Low'
Megyn Kelly's Latest Crisis
Duck Dynasty Promises to Fight Political Correctness in New Show
Jimmy Kimmel Really Wants Trump on His Show — Here's Why
O'Reilly Goes to Bat For Trump Amid NBC Spat
How Sean Hannity is Going Up Against Hollywood
Hollywood Actor Sends Dire Warning to Trump's Son
The Reason Rush Limbaugh Says Trump is Making Him 'Nervous'
Ivana Trump Takes Another Swipe at Melania
NFL Players Might Not Be Allowed to Kneel During the National Anthem Much Longer
'Today' Execs Hold Emergency Meeting to Fix Megyn Kelly's Failing Show
CNN Host Slams Liberals for 'Selective Moral Outrage'
Megyn Kelly is Taking NBC Down With Her
Kathy Griffin Goes After Trump Again
NRA Spox Shuts Down 'SNL' For Hypocrisy
This Show is Still Beating Megyn Kelly
Late-Night Hosts Put Hypocrisy On Display in Treatment of Harvey Weinstein
Kathie Lee and Hoda Furious Over Megyn Kelly's Performance
Battle of the Trumps? Ivana Calls Herself First Lady in Interview
Will Disgraced Hollywood Giant Harvey Weinstein Get Same Treatment as Bill O'Reilly?
Saturday Night Live Presents Its Extreme Gun Control Plan
Joy Behar Celebrates Democrats for Not Having 'Family Values'
This Singer Just Suggested NRA Members Face a Firing Squad
Megyn Kelly Makes WAY More Money Than Everyone Thought
Michael Moore Proposes a Brand New Constitutional Amendment
Bill O'Reilly Knocks Hillary Clinton Off the Top
Here's the Real Cause of Lawrence O'Donnell's On-Air Breakdown
Hillary Clinton Still Can't Figure Out Why She Lost
Brooke Shields Reveals How Donald Trump Struck Out With Her
TV Legend Shuts Down Jimmy Kimmel
Trump Attacks 'Dishonest' NBC News for Unflattering Report
Hannity Snaps Back at Liberal Celebrities for Politicizing Shooting
More Bad News for Megyn Kelly
Trump Supporter Kirstie Alley's Wild Theory About Mass Shooters
Why Trump Can Go Ahead and Tell The Media 'I Told You So'
Jason Aldean's Heartfelt Response to Las Vegas Shooting
Celebrity Caves on Promise to Leave Country After Trump Election
Colin Kapernick Gains a New Trump-Hating Ally
Amid NFL Players' Protest, High Schoolers Do Something Awesome to Honor America
Celebrities Line Up to Trash Trump Following Las Vegas Shooting
Rihanna Goes After Trump for Puerto Rico Response
Rapper Claims Trump Made Him an Enormous Offer
The Rumors are True! This Fox News Host is Joining 'The View'
Did Oprah Just Hint at a 2020 Presidential Run?
O'Reilly Backs Out on Major Gig
Michelle Obama Breaks Silence to Slam Conservative Women
Even Sports Illustrated is Snubbing Colin Kaepernick
Another Actress Already Regrets Going On Megyn Kelly's New Show
Tim Allen: 'Nothing is More Dangerous than a Likable Conservative'
'American Sniper' Wife Berates NFL Players in New Letter
Megyn Kelly Makes Hanoi Jane Flip Out Over This
Lena Dunham Enraged All of Twitter With One Trump Comparison
George Clooney Ramps Up Attack on Hillary Clinton
Bill O'Reilly Just Found a Way Back to Fox News
ESPN Takes On Trump
Whoopi Goldberg Calls President Trump 'Bum in Chief'
LeBron James Has a Strong Message for Trump Voters
Bill O'Reilly's Inflammatory Message to NFL Owners
John Oliver Rips Apart Megyn Kelly
The Results are In: This is the Most Popular Member of the Trump Family
Jimmy Kimmel Just Went WAY Too Far Trashing a Louisiana Senator
Watch This Brilliant Meltdown Mashup of Lawrence O'Donnell and Bill O'Reilly
Conservative Actress Opens Up About Vitriol in Liberal Hollywood
ABC Launches Sitcom About Undocumented Immigrants
Fox News Just Announced Its Latest Anchor Hire
Liberal Comedian: We Should Trade In Trump for This Dictator
Megyn Kelly Finally Admits Why She Really Left Fox News
Ex-Trump Staffer Says Tom Brady Avoided The White House Because of Ivanka
People Are Going Way Out of the Way to Be Like Ivanka Trump
Hillary Clinton's Wild Putin Accusation
Megyn Kelly Preps for Nearly an Hour of 'Today' Without Trump
Ivanka Trump Tells Everyone How She Really Feels About Hillary Clinton's New Book
Sean Hannity Takes On Rachel Maddow
Bill O'Reilly Says Fox Ouster Was a 'Hit Job'
Fox News Host Throws Her Name in to Replace Jedediah Bila on 'The View'
Whoopi Goldberg Says The Right is Orchestrating This Controversial Group
O'Reilly Accuser Arrested for Making False Charges
'The View' Loses Its Conservative Host
Here's When You Can See Laura Ingraham's New Fox Show
Trump's New Comms Director is Already Getting Under Liberal Hollywood's Skin
Fox News Loses an 'Outnumbered' Host
Michael Moore's Fake Concern for Trump's Health
Liberal Actor Says Trump and Bill O'Reilly Cornered Him at a Party
Kathy Griffin is Making a Huge Amount of Money Over Trump Photo
The One Fox News Host That's Guaranteed to Stay
Conservative Twitter Turns on Trump
This Celebrity Chef Just Said He Would Poison Trump's Food
It's Not the First Time the ESPN Anchor Who Trashed Trump Has Gotten In Hot Water
MSNBC Host: Trump is 'The Apocalypse'
Why Sean Spicer Thinks He Deserves to Share an Emmy Award
Bill O'Reilly Defends Megyn Kelly
Is Megyn Kelly About to Get Fired?
Cher Offers to Take Dreamers Into Her Home — All 800,000 of Them
Laura Ingraham Just Landed a Major New Gig
George Clooney Comes Back Swinging at Steve Bannon
Kid Rock Schools Al Sharpton, 'Fake News' Media
Another Fox News Host Gets The Ax — And Another is Making a Big Comeback
Woman Who Blasted Trump Just Crowned Miss America
Kaepernick is Now Paying For People to Protest Trump
Al Sharpton's Group Wants Kid Rock Concert Canceled
Liberal Actress: Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Are 'Nature's Wrath' for Voting For Trump
Critics Prep Megyn Kelly Smear Campaign
Kid Rock Has a Big Lesson For Trump — See What He Said
Liberal Comedian Says Trump is a 'Bigger Criminal' Than These People
Kid Rock Blasts His Haters
Joy Behar's Latest Trump Joke Went WAY Too Far
Major Fashion Magazine Snubs Melania
Ann Coulter Rips Trump for DACA Decision
Late-Night Host Pushes Fake News About Trump
Cher Tells People to Take Immigrants Into Their Own Homes
Michael Moore Takes On Yet Another Trump Policy With a Protest
Cleveland Police Union Refuses to Carry Flag Because of Players Kneeling
This NFL Star Has Raised More Than $20M for Hurricane Harvey Victims
Instant Karma! Former Mexican President Trashes Trump, Gets Immediate Clapback
Liberal Puts Casting Call for Fat Actors to Play Trump Supporters
Kid Rock Fires Back At Campaign Doubters
Liberal Comedian Roasts Antifa Protesters
Actress Outs Herself as Conservative—See What Happened Next
WATCH: Tucker Carlson's Epic Takedown of a CNN Anchor for 'Spreading Hate'
Megyn Kelly's Coworkers Are Already Sick of Her
Sean Hannity's Big Advice to Tomi Lahren
Packers QB's Surprising View on Colin Kaepernick
Kim Kardashian Just Said Her Four-Year-Old Would Be a Better President than Trump
O'Reilly Back on Trump's Side—See Him Shred the Media
TV Superstar 'Considering' Run for Governor
Judge Shuts Down Sarah Palin
Fox News Hires Conservative Sweetheart
NBC in ' Total Panic' Over Megyn Kelly
Misogynist Twitter Tries to Tear Down Melania
How Celebrities Are Trying to Kick Trump Off Twitter
'Morning Joe' Host Thinks Trump Won By Accident
Fox News Yanked Off the Air in the United Kingdom
Magazine Says Melania Trump is Not the First Lady
Kathy Griffin Plots Revenge on Trump—Even After Beheading Photo
Anchor Pushed Out by Megyn Kelly Gets Brand New Gig
Hollywood Goes Ballistic Over Sheriff Joe Arpaio Pardon
Rapper Turns Lyrics Flub Into Anti-Trump Rant
How Trump is Helping MSNBC
MTV Uses Major Awards Show to Slam Trump
Stephen King Exacts Revenge on Trump
Feud Rumbling Between Megyn Kelly and Her New Cohost
Trump Protester Hit In the Crotch Gets Second Dose of Karma
Kathy Griffin Bemoans Lasting Consequences of Trump Beheading Photo
Michael Moore Announces His 2020 Presidential Prediction
Revealed: These Are The Highest-Paid TV Personalities
The Liberal Actress Taking Kaepernick's Side
These Brave Hollywood Conservatives Stand Up For Trump
Neil Cavuto's Direct Message to Trump
These Elementary School Students Will Restore Your Faith In America
Roger Stone Issues Dire Trump Impeachment Warning
Internal Trump Feud Raging at Wall Street Journal
Scott Baio: Dems Would Hate Trump Even If He Cured Cancer
Trump Just Eclipsed Obama, Enraged Liberals With a Single Tweet
Democrat Crashes Live Fox News Broadcast Shouting 'Fake News'
Why Melania Trump is Thanking Chelsea Clinton
ESPN Still Making Excuses For Failed Attempt at Political Correctness
'Morning Joe' Hosts: Trump Can Do One Thing to Regain Our Respect
She's Back! Clinton Attacks Trump in Live Readings of New Memoir
ESPN's Latest Political Correctness Attempt Couldn't Be Stupider
George Foreman Jumps On The Kaepernick Hate Train
Why John Legend Doesn't Think Trump Deserves a Second Chance
Kid Rock Just Roasted Colin Kaepernick
WATCH: Anti-Trump Protester Gets Hit Right in the Crotch With Rubber Bullet
Mark Wahlberg Proves It Pays to Not Talk Politics
Got 'Em! How Tucker Carlson Tricked Liberals
Fox News Panel Loses It After Trump Accused of Deception
Chelsea Clinton Sticks Up For Barron Trump
This White NFL Player is Now Kneeling During the National Anthem
Actor to Trump: Your Days Are Numbered
Bill O'Reilly Blasts Trump for Ignorance
Conservative Anchor Launches New Show To Attack Political Correctness
Rachel Maddow vs. Megyn Kelly Ends In a Draw
Al Sharpton Slapped With the Facts
Ted Nugent Just Dropped a Truth Bomb On Kid Rock
Instant Regret: Band Plays Anti-Trump Song, Gets Burned Immediately
Newsweek Hits Rock Bottom Criticizing Melania and Ivanka
The Reason David Letterman Doesn't Want Trump Impeached
Fox CEO Puts Trump On Blast
Michael Moore Just Had a Major Overreaction Over Trump
Fox News Host Inundated With Death Threats—See Her Response
Radio Host Goes All In On Bill O'Reilly
Greta Van Susteren Defends Fox News
Shepard Smith Reveals the One Thing Republicans Won't Talk About
Ann Coulter Accused of Dodging Taxes
Fox News Host Cries While Talking About Trump
Celebs Saw Trump's Press Conference—And They are NOT Having It
Jimmy Kimmel: People are In Denial About Trump
Michael Moore Compares Trump Supporters to Rapists
Watch: Fox News Host Has On-Air Meltdown Over Trump Comments
Rosie O'Donnell Goes After 'Adolf Trump'
Megyn Kelly vs. Rachel Maddow
Paris Hilton Goes After Trump Critics
Miss America Spicing It Up With a New Contest
This Story About a Boy And His Cow Will Melt Your Heart
Rupert Murdoch's Stern Message to Trump
Kid Rock Just Got A Huge Endorsement
Fox News Eyes Its Next Big Host
This Actress Just Suggested Melania Do the Unthinkable
Bill Maher's Dictator Claims Have Trump Fans Furious
CNN Just Defined Trump Voters. Do You Agree?
Comedian Calls for Coup to Remove Trump From Office
Rosie O'Donnell is So Anti-Trump She's Supporting This Dictator
Michael Moore's Charlottesville Comments So Deranged Even Liberals are Trashing Him
Megyn Kelly Goes On The Defensive
Megyn Kelly's Coworkers 'Outraged' Over Her Behavior
O'Reilly Just Dragged Cable News Through The Mud
This Rapper Thinks His Voice Has More Weight Than Trump's
SNL Scorches Trump, Staff in 'Weekend Update: Summer Edition'
You Won't Believe What Hillary Clinton's Pastor Compared Her Election Loss To
Tim Tebow Just Did Something Awesome for Boy With Autism
Football Legend Tackles Fake News and Liberals are Not Having It
Walmart Under Fire For Back-To-School Display
Bill O'Reilly Just Made a Huge Announcement
Actress Tells Trump F*** You, Then Calls For Unity
Protesters Pull a Fowl Gesture on the White House
This 'Scandal' Star Just Insulted All Trump Supporters
MSNBC Host on Trump: I Told You So
Celebrities Have Nuclear Meltdown Over Trump's Message to North Korea
WATCH: Republican Shuts Down Liberal CNN Anchor
You Have to See This Dem's Lame Excuse for His X-Rated Tweets
How Colin Kaepernick Used His NFL Status to Race-Bait America
Republican CNN Anchor Has On-Air Meltdown Over Trump
California Bakery Refuses Young Trump Fan's Birthday Cake Request
Fox News Already Announced Disgraced Host's Replacement
USDA Bans Talking About Climate Change
Chelsea Handler Slammed After Trying to Legislate Jokes
Fox News Host Suspended—See How He Responded to Lewd Text Allegations
The Ratings Are In: See How NBC is Doing Without Megyn Kelly's Sunday Show
How One Liberal College is Dealing With Trump
Arnold Schwarzenegger Begins Work to Terminate Trump
Hillary's New Job Prospects Have Everybody Shocked
Greg Gutfield's Solution to 'Morning Joe Sickness'
Fox News Host Hit By Serious Allegations
VIDEO: Crowd Goes Nuts as Democrat Governor Switch Parties Thanks to Trump
This Liberal Comedian Was SHOCKED to Find So Many Iranian Trump Supporters
Lena Dunham's Attempt to Shame American Airlines Goes Up In Flames
The Disgusting Thing Jim Carrey Said Trump Would Do For His Supporters
Michael Moore Nominates Another Celebrity for President
Busted! Ex-Trump Staffer Caught On Tape Trashing the President
This Progressive Liberal is More and More Popular Among Conservatives
How Trump Could Have Been President Sooner
White House Adviser Schools CNN Reporter on Bias
Comedian Has Total Change of Heart About Trump
Rush Limbaugh Rips Trump For What He Said About The White House
Bombshell Report Suggests Trump Staffer Had an Affair With This Fox News Host
Hypocrite MSNBC Host Rips Fox News For Something She's Done Too
Morning Joe's Dire Warning to Ivanka Trump
President Trump is Taking Fake News Into His Own Hands
Captain America Just Called Trump a 'Reckless Moron'
Boston Globe Shredded for Weird Anti-Trump Article
Late-Night Had a Field Day With Trump's Latest Ouster
Liberal Author Apologizes for Anti-Trump Fake News
Why Trump Should Be Thanking Rosie O'Donnell
This Fox News Exec Could Be Trump's Next Hire
NBC Hit By Its Own Harassment Lawsuit
This Woman Chose Trump Over Her Own Husband
Self-Important Celebrities Take Credit for Scaramucci's Ouster
Mark Ruffalo Wants This Former Trump Staffer to Take Down the President
John Oliver's Epic Diatribe About Alex Jones
Here's Who Really Wore the Pants in the Obama White House
Late-Night Hosts Having a Fit Over Trump Supporters' Loyalty
Michael Moore Attacks Trump—Until Conservatives Shut Him Up
Bad News for Megyn Kelly's Sunday Show
The Latest on Kid Rock Has Democrats Reeling
This Vogue Writer Just Crossed a Line Trashing Ivanka Trump
Miranda Lambert Shuts Down Political Music Artists
Showtime Tries to Take Trump Down With Cartoons
Republicans Roast Hillary's New Campaign Memoir
Megyn Kelly's Show Name Revealed—And Matt Lauer is 'Livid'
JK Rowling Scolds Tomi Lahren on Twitter
Fox News Trolls New York Times With Full-Page Ad
Kid Rock Launches First Phase of Campaign Domination
Michael Moore's Half-Baked Advice to Transgender Troops
Sean Spicer Already Has a Job Offer On The Table—But It's Not What You'd Think
This TV Host Tried to Talk Trump Out of Running For President
Did Trump Just Lose a Major Conservative Media Ally?
CNN Declares New Trump Hire The President's 'Mini-Me'
The Fox News Host Trump May Tap for Attorney General
Trump's Energy Secretary Just Got Duped By Russian Pranksters
Celebrities Outraged Over Trump's Latest Policy Change
The Five Words That Got This Model Banned By Trump
Democrats' Disgusting Reaction to John McCain's Senate Return
Fox News Hit With Huge New $48M Lawsuit
The Reason This Liberal Pop Singer Won't Fly the American Flag at Her Concerts Anymore
Busted! Dems Caught Mocking Trump on Hot Mic
Fox News Host Targeted at Speaking Event: 'We're Just Randomly Assaulting People Now?'
Hannity Asked His Viewers to Do Him a Favor—See What Happened Next
Is This Trump Critic Planning a Presidential Run?
Sit Down! Megyn Kelly Team's Fox News Lawsuit Thrown Out
The Numbers Are In: Will Kid Rock Edge Out This Michigan Democrat?
'Simpsons' Creator Leads Anti-Trump Chant
Megyn Kelly's Show Continues to Struggle
Report: 'Morning Joe' Staffers Have Had it With Joe and Mika
Bill O'Reilly Just Hinted at Major Plans
MSNBC Host's Latest Attack on Trump Just Backfired
The Numbers Are In: How Fox is Doing Without Roger Ailes
Research Reveals New College Students' Political Views—And It's Not What You'd Expect
Bill O'Reilly Says Trump's Presidency Depends on This One Thing
MSNBC Host Wasted No Time Trashing Spicer After His Resignation
Hannity Gets Snubbed
Ann Coulter Drags Trump Through the Mud
Liberal Comedian Back At It in Feud With Melania Trump
The Major Sacrifice Dems Say They'd Make if They Could Just Oust Trump
Chick-Fil-A Just Did Something Awesome For Our Military Heroes
VIDEO: Conservative Celebrity Schools Jimmy Kimmel on Taxes
Randy Newman Just Sparked an Uproar With His Vulgar New Trump Song
WATCH: This America's Got Talent Contestant is Trying to Make America Great Again
Tomi Lahren Just Destroyed Republicans in Rant on Hannity
Kid Rock Just Scored Some Huge Endorsements
Charlie Daniels' Radical Solution to Fix Congress
This Conservative Radio Icon Says the GOP is Turning On Trump
Whoa! Watch This Trump Supporter Take Out an Anti-Trump Demonstrator
Bannon's Warning About Megyn Kelly Revealed—See All the Details
Sean Hannity Goes After Fellow Fox News Anchor
Fox News' RED HOT Winning Streak
New Poll Compares Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump—And It's Not What You Expect
Rosie O'Donnell Pushes President Trump Off a Cliff—And People Are Livid
Pro-Trump, Anti-Trump Groups Get in Brawl at Hollywood Walk of Fame
Teen Vogue Writer Gets Back at This Fox News Host
How Maya Rudolph Prepares to Impersonate Ivanka Trump
Another Conservative Celeb Hints at Political Run
Reebok's Attempt to Mock Trump Totally Backfired
Megyn Kelly's Numbers are Still Plummeting
Shepard Smith's Rampage on President Trump
Hillary's Sad, Unused Election Night Confetti Gets a New Use
Morning Joe Blasts 'State-Run Television' Hannity
Ann Coulter Gets Burned by Delta After Insulting Staff, Passengers
Dems Frantic After Realizing Kid Rock is For Real
DISGUSTING: Colbert's Despicable Kellyanne Conway Comment
Trump Supporter Claps Back at Rosie
VIDEO: Conan O'Brien Casts Movie About Trump, Russia
Rosie O'Donnell Lashes Out Against Politician Who Defended Trump
Kid Rock Goes on Epic Takedown of 'Fake News'
Conservative Celebrity Skewers 'The View,' Defends Trump for 'Shaking a Lot of Things Up'
This Celebrity Just Left an Enormous Tip at Waffle House
'Morning Joke': Fox News Spends Entire Morning Segment Mocking MSNBC Show
Trump Critics Come Out On Top in This Year's Emmy Nominations
Hollywood Director Calls President Trump 'Exhausting'
Melania Does Paris
Fox News Host Schools 'Pathetic' Anti-Trump Media
Will Trump Support This Rock Star In His Senate Run?
Tamron Hall Angles to Make a Comeback—Watch Out, Megyn Kelly!
Hillary Peddles 'Nasty Woman' T-Shirts Alongside Liberal Comedian
Report: Kelly Ripa is Plotting Her Revenge Against Megyn Kelly
Stephen Colbert Apologizes to Eric Trump—But It's Not What You Think
How Meryl Streep Carries the Obamas With Her Everywhere
Stephen King: It's Not the News That's Fake
Clint Eastwood Went Above and Beyond to Honor Soldiers Who Stopped a Terror Attack
MSNBC Anchor Slams Ivanka Trump for Dressing Like a Woman
Busted! Actor Caught On Tape Calling Cop a 'Dumb F***'
Bill O'Reilly Roasts Trump Over Russia
WATCH: Fans Boo Anti-Trump Display at This Rock Star's New Orleans Concert
Retired Comic Wants to Take Trump and 'Put Him in a Home'
Megyn Kelly Manages to Hit Another New Low
Lena Dunham Tries to Cash In on Dress She Cried In On Election Night
This Actor's 2020 Campaign Just Got Real
Is This the End of the Obama Family? Photo Has Rumors Flying
Who Tips Better: Democrats or Republicans? This Study Says It All
Rosie O'Donnell Gets Into It With Trump on Twitter
Barbra Streisand Swipes Trump: 'He is the Fake President'
Celebrities In Another Panic Spiral After Trump's Meeting With Putin
Greta Van Susteren Speaks Out on Job Prospects
Planned Parenthood to Host Event With Actresses Portraying Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton
The One Thing Trump and Cher Agree On
Why Kathy Griffin is Still Getting Grilled by the Secret Service
John Stamos Pulled Off an Amazing Surprise for a Marine Family
Tomi Lahren to Debate This Liberal Comedian at Political Event
Trump-Supporting Singer Releases New Song For America
Madonna Teased Mercilessly for Fourth of July Photo
Trump Rips NBC For Firing Greta Van Susteren
How You Can Get In on Trump's Golf Game
Actress to Americans: Quit Bullying Trump
Ratings Are In for 'Morning Joe' After Trump Tweets—And It's Not What You Think
Mike Rowe Just Announced an Awesome New Project
Actress Spends Independence Day Flipping Off Republicans
Greta Van Susteren's Next Move
Former President of Mexico to Trump: Here's How You Can Be a Hero
Spike Lee Says He's Worried The World Will End Because of President Trump
Beloved Disney Attraction Becomes Latest Victim of Political Correctness
Mark Hamill Records Himself Reading Trump's Tweets—As This Supervillain
How This Special Forces Operator Saved a Girl from ISIS—And the Bible Verse He Credits For It
'Morning Joe' Host Mika Brzezinski Hits Trump Where It Hurts
Brooke Shields Just Recreated Her Iconic Calvin Klein Ads—37 Years Later
VIDEO: Alec Baldwin Goes After Trump Again—But This Time, It's Totally Different
Dana Loesch Defends Ad Attacking Hollywood, the Media
VIDEO: Congressman Asks Twitter to Ban the President
This Former ESPN Host is Gunning to Be 'Bigger Than Hannity'
Former Fox Host Leaves MSNBC After Six Months
Celebs Try to Promote Pro-Immigration Ideals With Music Video
Dems Leverage Martin Sheen to Fundraise Off Hating Trump
This 'Star Wars' Actor Just Gave an Awesome Surprise to a Military Family
Jay Leno Scolds Late-Night Hosts For Their Anti-Trump Jokes
The Adult Film Star Stepping Up to Defend Trump, Bash CNN
Joy Behar Just Backhanded Melania Trump
Jeff Bridges Has a 'Big Lebowski' Policy About President Trump
Ann Coulter Just Crossed a Major Line Roasting Sean Hannity
Outgoing GOP Congressman Picks Up Gig at Fox News
CNN Brings On Elmo to Trash Trump
'Today' Hosts Terrified Megyn Kelly Will Tank Their Show Too
Arnold Schwarzenegger Colludes With France Behind Trump's Back
Trump Comes Out On Top in Disney Debacle
Michael Moore Gives Big Money to Group That Staged Trump Assassination
John Cusack Tweeted a Grave Threat to President Trump
VIDEO: Stephen Colbert's Terrible Apology to Trump
Dems Prove There Is No Limit to How Petty Their Trump Insults Can Be
It's On! Trump Takes On 'Fake News' CNN
Chelsea Handler Puts Ivanka Trump to Task For Involvement in Politics
How a Liberal News Site is Giving Anti-Trump Readers a Safe Space
Pro Wrestling's New Bad Guy: The 'Progressive Liberal'
Alec Baldwin's Big Political Flip-Flop
Megyn Kelly's Ratings Hit Rock Bottom
Trump's Hollywood Enemies Get Together for TV Special Honoring Alec Baldwin
Late-Night Host Announces 2020 Presidential Run During Russian Broadcast
Actor Demands 'All Out War' Against Trump
Megyn Kelly Skewered in Yet Another Blistering Review
This Liberal TV Icon Just Compared Trump to Elvis
The Late-Night Show Making Its Own Ties to Russia
Judge Judy SHREDS Hollywood Liberal For Joking About Assassination
Rock Star Tells Celeb Friends to Give Trump a Chance
Dennis Rodman Takes Full Credit for Recent North Korea Deal
White House Claps Back at Actor's Assassination Joke
VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Finds Kid Who Wants to Be Trump When He Grows Up
Johnny Depp: 'When Was the Last Time an Actor Assassinated a President?'
Rapper Claims An Entire Group of People 'Don't Give a ****' About Trump
Be Like Trump: These Two People Went to Outrageous Lengths to Keep Up With The First Family
More Like BugsFeed! BuzzFeed Offices Infested With Bedbugs
Big Coal Goes After HBO Host For Defamation
Cher Destroyed Nancy Pelosi After Latest Dem Loss
Hannity Slams Megyn Kelly For Agreeing to Work With 'Conspiracy Theorist' Rachel Maddow
SNL Cast Members Revive 'Really?!' Skit to Roast Pro-Trump Protesters
Is Megyn Kelly's Career at NBC Already Ending?
The Musician That Paused His Concert to Pray For Rep. Scalise
Michael Moore Goes Off on the Democratic Party After Latest Loss
Late-Night Hosts Beg Trump to Re-Hire His Press Secretary
VIDEO: Trump's New Attorney Has Some Serious Music Chops
All The Details On Rush Limbaugh's $470 Million Divorce
'Morning Joe' Host's Warning to Democrats
Fox News Host Attacks Hollywood For Meddling in Georgia Election—And Losing!
Liberal Celebrities Join Forces to Try to Get Under Donald Trump Jr.'s Skin
The Longtime 'Today' Host Threatening to Quit Over Megyn Kelly Hire
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Morning Joe Hosts Fight Over Ivanka Trump Comment
Conservative Celebrity Now Considering Run For Office
Major Trump Supporter Hit With Yogurt Lawsuit
This Former Fox Host is Going After the Network for Illegal Electronic Surveillance
Derek Jeter Just Teamed With This Unlikely Republican to Purchase the Miami Marlins
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The ACLU Actually Sided With President Trump On Something
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'The View' Finally Addresses Tomi Lahren Rumors
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WWE Superstar Officially Moves from Wrestling Ring to Political Ring
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Caitlyn Jenner Drops Another Bombshell in New Memoir
Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky Sex Scandal Returns to Spotlight
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Surprises Passengers on Disney's Jungle Cruise—See the Photos!
Jimmy Kimmel Piles Insults on United Airlines After Passenger Debacle
Boxer Oscar De La Hoya Hits Trump in New Ad
Comedian Who Called Trump 'White ISIS' Tapped to Host Correspondents' Dinner
VIDEO: O'Reilly, Trump Become Butt of SNL's Jokes
This HBO Star Just Offered to Buy Ads on the O'Reilly Factor
This Celebrity Conservative Just Made a Huge Reveal in Memoir
Conservative Firebrand Tomi Lahren Sues Glenn Beck, The Blaze
Advertisers Furious After Finding Out Their Ads Aired During the O'Reilly Factor
See How the Singer Who Wore a Trump Dress Says It Changed Her Life
Saturday Night Live Ratings Drop After Alec Baldwin Returns as Trump
Jared Kushner Roasted for Iraq Photos
Seth Meyers Puts Trump on Blast for Love of Fox News
Twitter Sues Trump Administration—See Why
Pitbull Meets With Prominent Trump Pick in Florida
Brian Williams Praised Footage of Attack on Syria—And Liberals Are Livid
Watch Jay Leno Rip the Clintons in Surprise Jimmy Fallon Appearance
O'Reilly Factor Faces Major Drop in Advertisements, Loses Top Spot to Maddow as Scandal Details Deepen
Rosie O'Donnell, Lena Dunham and More Celebrities React to Trump's Military Action in Syria
Scarlett Johansson Trashes 'Coward' Ivanka Trump
VIDEO: Seth Meyers Finally Apologizes to President Trump
This Outspoken Republican Just Earned a New Talk Show
Trump Protester Shia LaBeouf Goes Ballistic at Bowling Alley
Samantha Bee Rips Ivanka Trump for Not Being 'Feminist' Enough
Schwarzenegger Just Made a Major Statement About the 2020 Election
Robert De Niro Just Called Trump a 'Mutt'—And That's Not All
Lindsay Lohan Reignites Rumors She Converted to Islam
John Legend: It's a 'Matter of Time' Before President Trump is Impeached
Cher Scolds Democrats for Blocking Gorsuch
Dixie Chicks Singer Blames Trump Bringing Out 'The Worst' In Her
Dolce & Gabbana Designer Defends Dressing Melania: Critics Can 'Go to Hell'
This Actor 'Would Love' to Run For Office Because No One 'On Deck' Can Beat Trump in 2020
Muslim Teenager Uses Black Lives Matter to Shoehorn His Way Into Stanford
O'Reilly Factor Hemorrhaging Advertisers Following Sexual Harassment Allegations
Chelsea Handler Has a Frightening Theory About Sean Spicer
See Why This 'Seinfeld' Actor Says He Believes in Trump
Fox News Cancels Show After a Decade On Air
VIDEO: John Stamos Has Wardrobe Malfunction On Stage With the Beach Boys
Rapper Defends Kanye for Meeting With Trump: 'Why Wouldn't You?'
Here's How Law & Order: SVU Plans to Depict the Fox News Roger Ailes Harassment Scandal
TV Host Rips Donald Trump For Watching TV
Chelsea Handler Still Can't Keep Her Trump Insults to Herself—Even In a Library
Anti-Trump Parade Attendees Did Something Just Awful With Photos of Melania Trump
Tina Fey's Startling Message to White Female Trump Voters
Luke Bryan Makes Big Political Reveal at ACM Awards
Susan Sarandon Finds Silver Lining in Trump Presidency—And Promptly Pays For It
Bill Maher Just Made a Startling Trump Comparison
Sarandon Shreds President Trump: 'He's Just Doing Everything So Badly'
Another Fox News Host Embroiled in Harassment Scandal
Salma Hayek Weighs In on Border Wall
Shia LaBeouf Gets Puny Punishment After Punching Man at His Anti-Trump Protest
This Rapper Just Made Himself Jesus in Latest Video
Rosie O'Donnell to Melania Trump: Flee!
Alec Baldwin Reveals the End of His Trump Impression
VIDEO: Stephen Colbert is Really Upset Ivanka Got a White House Job
Comedy Central Just Dropped a Preview of New 'President Show' Featuring Trump
Ford Just Issued a Major Recall—See if Your Vehicle is One of the Half Million Affected
Dems Call for Taxpayer-Funded Ethics Investigation Into 'Lego Batman' Comments
Stephen Colbert Hits Trump Again—This Time About His Women's Empowerment Speech
Actress' 10-Year-Old Daughter Was 'Hurt' by Trump Win, Mom Says
Another Liberal Hollywood Actress Hints at Run for Political Office
Rob Schneider Just Shut Democrats Up With a Single Tweet
All the Details on Ivanka Trump's Brand New Job
Pricewaterhouse Coopers Learns Its Fate After Oscars Fiasco
Richard Dreyfuss Slams Donald Trump for Lacking This One Thing
The Who Frontman: 'A Dead Dog Could Have Won' Against Hillary
Colbert Rips Apart President Trump's Clean Coal Comments
The 'American Horror Story' Actress that Wants to Play Kellyanne Conway
Bestselling Author Rips Barbra Streisand, Lena Dunham for 'Childish Meltdowns'
Fox News Hit With New Lawsuit
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Jane Fonda Offers Unorthodox Solution to Trump for Leaks: 'Trumpers'
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Jon Gosselin Bares it All in His New Seriously Risqué New Job
Alec Baldwin Denies Claims His Trump Impression Helped Trump Win
Green Day Says They Shout 'F*** Trump' at Every Single Concert
People Can't Stop Comparing Patrick Stewart to Kellyanne Conway
Sex Pistols Frontman Defends Trump Against 'Smear' Campaign by Media
'The View' is More Credible than Fox News, According to Its Hosts
Comedian Dave Chapelle: Trump is 'Going to Save America'
This 'American Horror Story' Actress Just Volunteered to Play Trump
Ted Koppel Just Insulted Fox News and Host Sean Hannity To His Face
Michael Moore Tells Democrats Not to Gloat
Whoopi Goldberg Just Made Some Harsh Comments About Donald Trump's Son
Michael Strahan Says You've 'Never Lived' Until You've Sacked Tom Brady
Sen. Cory Booker Made a Bold Move on Twitter—And it Appears to Be Paying Off
Melania Trump's Special White House Request is Ruffling Feathers
Sports Illustrated Model Calls for Impeachment of Trump AND Pence
Joy Behar Says Trump Never Paid Taxes Even After MSNBC Aired Trump's Taxes
NSYNC Member Slams Trump: 'You Can't Always Trust Your Leaders'
Thanks to Trump, This Actress is Now Considering a Run for Political Office
Cracker Barrel Gets in Very Weird Argument With Man Whose Wife Was Fired
Melissa McCarthy Reveals the Down Side to Playing Sean Spicer on SNL
VIDEO: This Guy Just Recorded an Awesome Cover of 'Low Places' for Special Snowflakes
WWE Superstar Eyes Move from Wrestling Ring to Political Ring
Patricia Arquette Fears for Inside-Job Terrorist Attack Under Trump
Jimmy Fallon's Foray into Political Humor Just Backfired
Big News for the Future of 'Fixer Upper'
Rapper Who Threatened to 'Pimp Out' Melania Trump Just Made it Even Worse
Shia LaBeouf's Anti-Trump Art Installation Only Lasted One Day After Being Driven Out of The US
Trump Reportedly Once Asked Emma Thompson Out—But It Wasn't Love, Actually
'Hacksaw Ridge' Creator Writes Dystopian Play Set After Trump's Impeachment
Hollywood Actor Praises Trump: He's the First 'Real Independent'
WATCH: Samantha Bee Thinks Donald Trump is 'Compensating' for Something
Mayor of London Deals a Major Blow to Trump
Kristi Yamaguchi Just Told Nancy Kerrigan to 'Break a Leg'—Yes, Really
VIDEO: 'Sesame Street' Goes After Donald Trump With Character Ronald Grump
Michael Moore Pushes Democrats to Declare 'National Emergency' Because of Trump
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Man's Beer Belly Turns Out to Be Enormous Tumor
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Shia LaBeouf Finds New Host for Anti-Trump Art Installation
John McCain Just Called Trump a Dictator
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Dating App Puts Up Giant, Awkward Mural Featuring Pregnant Trump
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Trump Drops Another Obama Tradition
Roger Ailes, Fox News' Sexual Harrassment Woes May be Under Federal Investigation
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Burger King Offering Valentine's Day Happy Meal Just for Adults
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Beloved Grammy-Winning Jazz Artist Dies at Age 76
John Oliver Employs New Approach to Send Messages to Donald Trump
Bruno Mars, The Time Put On a Stunning Prince Tribute at the Grammys
Joy Villa Wears Amazing Pro-Trump Dress to Grammy Awards
Derek Jeter to Become a First-Time Dad! Wife Hannah Expecting Baby Girl
Meryl Streep Confirms Trump's Theory About Her
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J.K. Rowling Has Twitter Feud with Piers Morgan Over Trump
Chevy Chase Says Trump is 'Hurting Our Country'
Martin Short and Steve Martin Plan Comedy Tour—Without Politics
Liberal Celebs Go on Nordstrom Shopping Spree After Store Drops Ivanka Line
Gym Owner Finds Out Ivanka Worked Out There, Loses It
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Todd Chrisley Finally Addresses Rumors He's Gay
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This Soul Legend is Retiring from Music
Reba Sounds Off: Fans Don't Pay to Hear My Political Opinions
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Tamron Hall's Rumored Next Move After Megyn Kelly Drama
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Returns to Wrestling
New 'Wizard of Oz' Tell-All Says the Munchkins Did This to Judy Garland
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'Battlestar Galactica' Star Dies at Age 71
Trump Attacks Nordstrom for Dropping Daughter Ivanka's Clothing Line
Julian Edelman Was Mic'd Up During Super Bowl Catch—See His Awesome Reaction
Trump Supporters are Boycotting Budweiser After Controversial Super Bowl Ad
Under Armour CEO: Trump is a 'Real Asset for The Country'
Jack Nicholson Takes First Role in Nearly a Decade For 'Toni Erdmann' Remake
Charlie Rose to Take a Break from CBS to Undergo Heart Surgery
Rapper Goes On a Tear About the President: 'F*** That Man'
Blogger Ordered to Pay 'Substantial' Sum in Melania Trump Defamation Case
Thousands of Americans Plan to Moon Trump Tower in Chicago
Video Flashback: Today in 1964, The Beatles Had Their First Trip to the U.S.
Helen Mirren Just Kissed Morgan Freeman at AARP Event
Trump Hated Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer Portayal—Will This Put His Job in Jeopardy?
Former Porn Star Jenna Jameson Destroys Bruce Springsteen for 'American Embarrassment' Comments
Anti-Gun Actress Amy Schumer Uses Gun in New Trailer
Madonna Approved to Adopt Twins from Africa Even After White House Threats
Christie Brinkley Just Posed in a Bikini—At Age 63
Joy Behar Just Said Trump is 'A Dictator'
Someone is Willing to Pay a Crazy Amount for Cheeto that Looks Like Harambe
Rosie O'Donnell Has Plans to Mock Trump on Saturday
Rewatch All the Best Ads From the Super Bowl
Ryan Reynolds Revives the Long List of People Calling Meryl Streep 'Overrated'
Lena Dunham Has Trump to Thank For Her Weight Loss
CNN Trashes Kellyanne Conway, Says She Has 'Credibility Issues'
Patriots Superfan Mark Wahlberg Leaves Game Early to Be a Good Dad
See the Shocking Amount Justin Timberlake Was Paid for His Super Bowl Ad
Kanye West Turns Against Trump
Chrissy Teigen Has Wardrobe Malfunction During Super Bowl—See the Video
Schwarzenegger Says He Wants to 'Smash' Trump's Face
See the Full Version of This Rejected 84 Lumber Super Bowl Ad Deemed 'Too Controversial' to Air
Tom Brady Just Won the Super Bowl—And Now Wife Gisele Wants Him to Retire
This Actress Just Did a Startling Impersonation of Sean Spicer on 'SNL'
Bruce Springsteen 'Embarrassed' as An American
Robert De Niro Tells People to 'Bully Trump Back'
Regis Philbin Praises Trump: 'He's Doing Well'
New Eminem Song Calls Trump a B****
Howard Stern: 'I Wish Trump Had Never Run'
Angelina Jolie Tears Into Trump Over Refugees
Even Whoopi is Going After Berkeley Protesters: ‘What The Hell’
Major Department Store Drops Ivanka Trump Line of Clothing
'South Park' Creators Will Back Off Trump—See Why
Arnold Schwarzenegger Snaps Back at Trump's 'Pray for Arnold' Comments
Here's Who is Doing the Coin Toss For the Super Bowl—Conservatives Will Be Thrilled
Melania Picks Her Chief of Staff
Howard Stern Plays Armchair Psychologist to Trump: Presidency Will Be 'Detrimental to His Health'
Denis Leary Admits He Knows He Looks Like Kellyanne Conway—And How He'll Take Advantage of It
Sarah Silverman Wants the Military to Overthrow the President
See the Whole Story on Tamron Hall Getting Pushed Out of 'Today' for Megyn Kelly
VIDEO: Matthew McConaughey Says It's Time For Us to Embrace Trump
Trump Prays for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ratings at Prayer Breakfast
'Today' Loses Longtime Anchor to Make Room for Megyn Kelly
Ellen DeGeneres Responds to Travel Ban with 'Finding Dory'
Hilarious Super Bowl Ad Shows Melissa McCarthy Painfully Trying to Save the World
'Harry Potter' Author Takes On Trump Fans on Twitter
Beyoncé is Pregnant With Twins!
'Sopranos' Actor Dies At Age 72
Comedian: Hillary Lost Because She 'Blew It'
Amy Schumer Defends Cousin Chuck's Tears: 'He Can Not Act!'
Jon Stewart Dresses Like Trump on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'
Morgan Freeman Says He Hopes Trump Will Be a Good President
Budweiser Reveals Super Bowl Ad With Big Political Message
Celebrities are Still Urging People to Sign Up for Obamacare
Lena Dunham Makes Racist Comments, Sort Of Apologizes
Whoopi Goldberg Compares Trump Administration to Taliban
Update: 'Pawn Star' Chumlee Emerges After Death Rumors
Oprah is Coming Back to TV—But It's Different This Time
People are Mad At Ivanka Trump Over a Single Photo
Arnold Schwarzenegger on Immigration Ban: 'It Makes Us Look Stupid'
Jackie Mason: Madonna is a 'Deranged Yenta'
James Cameron the Latest to Trash Trump Admin: 'These People Are Insane'
Samantha Bee Announces Trump Roast Scheduled During White House Correspondents Dinner
Kim Kardashian Tweets About Things 'More Dangerous' than Jihadists
'NCIS' Star Has Breakdown Over Trump 'Playing God'
Bruce Springsteen: Trump's Immigration Ban is 'Un-American'
Madonna Recruited to Write Anti-Trump Song
Magic Johnson Tells Trump to Stop 'Acting Like a Dictator'
Azealia Banks and Rihanna Publish Each Other's Phone Numbers in Feud Over Trump
'Pawn Star' Chumlee Dead?
'Harold & Kumar' Actor Kal Penn Turns Mean Tweet into Refugee Fundraiser
Why Some Trump Supporters are Pushing People to #BoycottStarbucks
With Greta and Megyn, NBC Pushes to Be Next Fox News
Here's How Trump Will Announce His Supreme Court Pick
'Today' Rearranges Programming to Make Room for Megyn Kelly
Academy Awards Issue Response to 'Extremely Troubling' Travel Ban
VIDEO: John Legend Trashes Trump at Producers Guild of America Awards
Matt Lauer Surprises Recently Returned 'Today' Cohost With Wine
Journalists Start Investigating Whether Trump's Hands Were Photoshopped in Photo
Melania Trump Wins First Round in Escort Story Lawsuit
Band Classified by FBI as Gang to March on Washington
Whoopi Goldberg Says You Can Be Both 'For Life' and 'Pro-Choice'
Dan Aykroyd Penned a Beautiful Tribute to Former Fiancée Carrie Fisher
Kellyanne Conway Spits Zinger at People Trashing Her Inauguration Coat
Omarosa Spars With 'The View' Hosts Defending Trump
George Lopez Tears Into Border Wall: 'Mexico is Not the Real Problem'
Twitter Calls for Boycott of Uber Because of Ties to Trump
LeBron James Says 'Goofy' Votes Got Trump Elected
How Super Bowl QB Defends His Relationship With Donald Trump
Trump Calls Madonna 'Disgusting' in Response to White House Threat
Storyboards from Trump's 'Pizza Slut' Ad Campaign are Selling for an Outrageous Price
'Game of Thrones' Star Rejoices Over 'Liberal Bubble' at Sundance Film Festival
Jeff Bridges Tells People to Cooperate With Trump: 'This Aggression Will Not Stand'
NBC Considering Axing 'Days of Our Lives' for Megyn Kelly
Fox News Continues to Beat The Competition—Here's How
Ed Asner Remembers Mary Tyler Moore in Touching Tribute
NFL Star Announces He Will Give Speech at GOP Retreat
Drew Carey's Son Started a Fire, Yelled 'Screw Our President' at DC Trump Protest
Shia LaBeouf Arrested at Own Anti-Trump Art Installation
Filmmaker Joss Whedon Compares Ivanka Trump to a Dog on Twitter
Allman Brothers Founding Member Dead at 69
Chelsea Handler Digs Deeper in Melania Insults, Twitter Jumps to First Lady's Defense
Andy Cohen Wants This Trump Staffer to Be On 'Real Housewives'
Here's Why Matt Damon Says He Won't Ever Run for Office
Twitter Paints Melania Trump as Hostage With #FreeMelania Campaign
Jon Voight Accuses Miley Cyrus and Shia LaBeouf of Treason
Mary Tyler Moore Dead at Age 80
Radio Station Bans Madonna For Being 'Un-American'
The Netherlands Asks For 'America First, Netherlands Second' In Hilarious Parody Video
Tucker Carlson Doubles Ratings After Only Two Weeks in Megyn Kelly's Timeslot
Don't Miss This Precious Photo Ivanka Trump Just Posted
Madonna Applies to Adopt Two More Children
Taylor Swift Torn Apart by Liberals for Supporting Women's March
Erin Andrews Reveals Secret Battle With Cervical Cancer
See the Full List of 2017 Oscar Nominees
Tom Brokaw Predicts What Trump Will Change His Stance On
Drama in Kardashian Family as Caitlyn Jenner Eyes Political Office
Even Monica Lewinsky is Defending Barron Trump Against SNL Bully
Jack Black: Trump is Like Charlie Sheen on Crack
Joy Behar to Trump Press Secretary: Get Out While You Still Can
Johnny Manziel Gives Donald Trump Advice on Twitter
The Xenophobic Reason Chelsea Handler Won't Interview Melania Trump
'Shark Tank' Investor Runs for Canadian Office to Go Head-to-Head With Trump
Here's Who Will Sing the National Anthem at This Year's Super Bowl
Michael Keaton Speaks Out: 'Enough With The Hollywood BS'
Lucasfilm Announces Title of Next 'Star Wars' Movie—See What it Is
Bruce Springsteen Declares War on Trump
Tom Brady Defends Friendship with Donald Trump
SNL Writer Suspended After Twitter Comments About Barron Trump
Boy George Defends Melania Trump—See What He Said
Michael Moore Calls Women that Voted for Trump 'Victims'
Chelsea Handler Says She's Not a Democrat Anymore
Secret Service Investigating Madonna for Threats to Blow Up the White House
Trump to Celebs, Participants at Women's March: Why Didn't You Vote?
Jumbotron at Dallas Game Makes Fun of Trump, Spicer's 'Alternative Facts'
Madonna's White House Comments Would Put Most People on a Watch List
Ashley Judd Shames Family Members That Voted Trump in Women's March Speech
'House of Cards' Preview Works In Not-So-Subtle Trump Jab
Stephen Baldwin: It's Time to Retire the Trump Impression, Alec
Bill Clinton Caught Checking Out Ivanka Trump During Inauguration
Shia LaBeouf Rolls Out Four-Year Plan to Protest Trump
Was Kanye West Not 'American' Enough to Perform at the Inauguration?
Jon Voight Praises Trump: 'God Answered Our Prayers'
Ivanka Corrects the Record: 'There's One First Lady'
Spike Lee Rejects Using Chrisette Michele's Music Because of Inauguration Performance
MIchael Moore: 'We're at a Very Dangerous Moment'
Michael Douglas Tells America to Give Trump a Chance
'NCIS' Star Dead at 61
Madonna Still Trashing Trump: 'We Have Gone as Low as We Can Go'
Will Trump Dance With Caitlyn Jenner at the Inaugural Ball? Advisers Hope So
Why Trump is Keeping Some Inauguration Performers a Secret
Mike Rowe Beautifully Handled An Anti-Gun Attack—See What He Said
Rapper Wipes His Butt With Trump Jersey—Watch the Video
Fox Turns Down Super Bowl Ad Depicting Border Wall
Abigail Breslin Tells Off Critics, Defends Friend Tiffany Trump
Steve Harvey Responds to Backlash for Meeting With Trump
This Legendary Actor is Retiring After 60 Years on the Silver Screen
'Apprentice' Star Slaps Trump With Defamation Lawsuit
Fiona Apple Releases 'Tiny Hands' Song Ahead of Women's March
NFL Denies Asking Lady Gaga to Be Silent About Trump
Scott Baio to Hollywood Trump Opponents: 'Grow Up'
Did Lindsay Lohan Just Convert to Islam?
Chelsea Handler Blames The Kardashians for Trump Win
Here's Who Will Dress Melania For the Inauguration—She Had Options After All
Garth Brooks Reveals Why He Won't Perform at the Inauguration
Seth Meyers Says Trump Changes Positions 'More Than a Porn Star With a Bad Back'
Laura Ingraham Considering Run for Office
Video: Celebrities Slowly Warm Up to Trump
Green Day Releases Anti-Trump Song
People are Fuming Over Ivanka Trump Special Aired on MLK Day
This Cop's Response to Pulling Over Teen Texting and Driving Will Break Your Heart
Lee Greenwood Says It's a 'Mistake' For Artists to Pull Out of Inauguration
Nicole Kidman Defends Her Comments About Trump
Martin Scorsese Defends Religion Amid 'Horrific' Conflicts Around the World
Katy Perry Releases Anti-Trump PSA
Judd Apatow Reportedly 'Freaking Out' Over Donald Trump
Toby Keith Says He Won't Apologize for Playing at the Inauguration
Alec Baldwin Returns to 'SNL' as Trump, Mocks 'Golden Showers'
Record Labels May Be Behind Artists Turning Down Inauguration Performances
Mark Ruffalo Joins Michael Moore in Planning New York Anti-Trump Rally
Trump Team Considering Drug Testing Members of Press Corps
Zoe Saldana: Trump Became President Because Hollywood Became 'Arrogant Bullies'
'Big Bang Theory' Creator Asks Julian Assange to Hack Trump
Is This the Last of the 'Greatest Show on Earth'?
Melania's First Plans for Making the White House Hers
Disney Reveals Plans for Carrie Fisher in Future 'Star Wars' Movies
After Backlash, Jennifer Holliday Pulls Out of Inauguration Performance
Gross: See the Photo Madonna Posted to Support Women's March
Jackie Mason Takes Down Meryl Streep, Celebrities' Political Opinions
More Stars Announce Performances at Inauguration
Watch Hollywood Start to Change its Tune on Trump
Michael Moore Tells Hillary Supporters to Stop Blaming James Comey
Megyn Kelly Reportedly in Feud with Kelly Ripa Over Show Slot
Rosie O'Donnell Suggests Martial Law to Prevent Trump Inauguration
Caitlyn Jenner Will Attend the Inauguration
Report: Paul Anka to Perform at Inauguration
Nicole Kidman: 'It's Time' to Get Behind Trump
Rapper Tells White Trump Haters 'It's Not Going That Bad For You ... Toughen Up'
Watch Kellyanne Conway's Feisty Exchange with Anderson Cooper
Marie Osmond: I'd Perform at the Inauguration
This Artist Was Paid $1 Million to Play Inauguration—See the Details
William and Harry Open Up about Princess DIana's Death, 20 Years Later
Trump Tells People to Buy LL Bean After Liberal Boycott
Leonardo DiCaprio Makes Deal with Trump Nominee
Fox Moves to Reboot 'Love Connection' with Andy Cohen as Host
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John Oliver Apologizes for His Comments on the Election
Lady Gaga Calls Melania a Hypocrite
Cher Says She'll Have to Leave the Planet if Trump Wins
Report: 'National Enquirer' Paid $1M to Get Dirt on Trump
Single Mom Faces Up to a Year in Prison After Doing This on Facebook
Notorious Liberal Filmmaker Holds Last-Minute Fundraiser for Clinton
Madonna: Vote Clinton or We're All F***ed
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This ABC News Anchor and His Wife Will Leave the Country if Trump is Elected
Miley Cyrus Dorm Room Campaign for Clinton Was Staged, Emails Show
Report: Disgraced Subway Spokesman Had to Take Male Lover in Jail For 'Protection'
Megyn Kelly Accuses Roger Ailes of Sexual Harassment
Melania Hints at FLOTUS Platform in Speech
Susan Sarandon Says the DNC is 'Totally Corrupt'
Mario Batali is Jealous of John Podesta and His Leaked Emails
Why Gun Store Owners Love Hillary's Success
This Rhode Island Republican Just Released an Amazing Ad
Lena Dunham Released a Pro-Hillary 'Sensual Pantsuit Anthem'
Fox News Names Replacement for Greta Van Susteren
'Teen Mom' Star Slams Critics, Defends NRA
Pharrell Williams: Hillary Lies, Sure, But So Do You
Disgraced Clinton Confidante to Hold High-Dollar Fundraiser for Hillary
Ivanka Trump Fashion Line Slammed by Political Opponents
Anthony Weiner Admitted to Cybersex Addiction Rehab
Jon Stewart Bashes Trump at Benefit for Veterans
Why Starbucks Holiday Cups are Green This Year
Charlie Daniels Warns Against Totalitarian Slippery Slope
Hillary Clinton Is So Sure She'll Win, She Scheduled Fireworks
Here's Who Will Perform at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Susan Sarandon: You Can't Vote for Hillary Just Because You're Afraid of Trump
Rapper Distances Himself From Black Lives Matter
Lena Dunham Dressed as Trump's Worst Insult for Halloween
Michael Moore: Hillary Clinton Supporters Don't Really Like Her
How Bill Cosby's Lawyers May Help Him Get Off
Don't Miss This Photo of Ivanka Trump in Her Halloween Costume
Americans React to 'Deplorable' Treatment of Homeless Woman Guarding Trump Star
British Pop Icon Weighs in on Trump Policies
AMC Movie Theaters Will Screen Election Night Coverage
Russian Band Releases Anti-Trump Music Video
Finally, Bud Light Pulls Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen Campaign Ads
'Breaking Bad' Star: If Trump Wins, I'll Leave the Country
Ivanka Trump Has Brunch With Megyn Kelly
Rapper Uses Hacked Clinton Emails on Merch
This Man Just Suggested The Worst Halloween Treat—No, Trick—Ever
NBC Just Announced 'Bye Bye Birdie' as its Next Musical -- See Who's Starring
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Richard Sherman's Loyalty to Gryffindor is Next-Level
Spooky! Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina Brown's Bodies Have to Be Exhumed
This Celeb Dressed Up Son as Adorable Baby Donald Trump
Homeless Woman Guards Trump's Star on Hollywood Walk During Repairs
Trump Just Trolled Filmmaker of Anti-Trump Doc
Miley Cyrus Talks Hillary: 'We Don't Always Get What We Want'
Ivanka Trump Responds to People Boycotting Her Brand
Baseball Legend Defends Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem Protest
Woman Wins $1 Million Trying to Teach Her Husband a Lesson
Man That Destroyed Trump Star Arrested
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Howard Stern Defends Not Releasing Trump Tapes
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Melania Pushes 'People' to Retract Anti-Trump Story
Clinton to Jimmy Kimmel: Why Didn't You Ask About UFOs?
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Kim Kardashian Hires Ex-Israeli Soldier, Anti-Terrorism Expert as Bodyguard
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Melania Speaks Out: My Husband's Words are 'Unacceptable and Offensive'
Arnold Schwarzenegger Clarifies Whether He'll Vote for Trump
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U2: If You Like the Wall, You Don't Love America
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