Bestselling Author Rips Barbra Streisand, Lena Dunham for 'Childish Meltdowns'

Bestselling Author Rips Barbra Streisand, Lena Dunham for 'Childish Meltdowns'
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Author and culture critic Bret Easton Ellis blasted anti-Donald Trump celebrities including Lena Dunham and Barbra Streisand on his podcast Monday, explaining that the “childish meltdowns” coming out of Hollywood and the media and an overall culture of “moral superiority” among progressives is contributing to the destruction of the American left.

“Barbra Streisand says she’s gaining weight because of Trump. Lena Dunham says she’s losing weight because of Trump. Really? You’re blaming the president for your own problems and neuroses?” the 53-year-old American Psycho author said on the latest episode of his “Bret Easton Ellis Podcast.”

In a half-hour-long segment on his show, Ellis said that the hysterical behavior of “morally superior wealthy people” in response to Trump’s victory has ruined his social outings, including at least two dinners he attended.

“You can dislike the fact that Trump was elected, yes, definitely, and yet still understand and accept ultimately that he was elected this time around,” he said, according to a partial transcript of the episode from the Wrap. “Or you can have a complete mental and emotional collapse and let the Trump presidency define you, which I think is absurd. … If you are still losing your sh*t about Trump, I think you should probably go to a shrink and not let the bad man that was elected define your self-victimization and your life. You are letting him win.”
 Source: Breitbart

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