Bill O'Reilly Roasts Trump Over Russia

Bill O'Reilly Roasts Trump Over Russia
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Former Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly said there didn’t seem to be much to the story detailing a meeting between a Russian lawyer and members of the Trump campaign before the election, but said that Trump Jr. should have revealed the meeting sooner.

“So the story is that Donald Trump Jr. and his brother-in-law Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort who for a short
time managed the trump campaign,” O’Reilly explained in a video at his website, “met with a Russian attorney who knows people in the Kremlin shortly after the Indiana primary, which pretty much sewed everything up for Trump as the Republican nominee.”

“Now, I don’t know what happened,” O’Reilly added. “Trump Jr. says he met with the woman because she had, she said she had some kind of dirt on Hillary Clinton. And so they met with her, and she didn’t have anything and they talked Russian adoption for 20 minutes, and everybody split.”

“OK, did that happen?” he asked rhetorically. “Is that true? I have no blankin’ idea. That’s what Trump Jr. says. He shoulda said it three months ago!” he said. “You know, get it all out! Any Russian restaurant. Any Russian movie. Anything! Get it out!!”
 Source: The Blaze

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