Boston Globe Shredded for Weird Anti-Trump Article

Boston Globe Shredded for Weird Anti-Trump Article
Wikimedia Commons - Gage Skidmore
The Boston Globe was torched on Twitter for a seemingly anti-Trump article that linked a highly anticipated eclipse of the sun with the regions in the United States occupied by Trump supporters.

The article’s headline read, “The path of viewing spots for this month’s solar eclipse cuts overwhelmingly through places that voted for Trump.” “There are about 240 counties roughly along the central path of the eclipse,” writer Matt Rocheleau pointed out, “a 70-mile-wide trail extending across the country where people will be able to see a total eclipse, meaning the sun will appear completely obscured by the moon.”

“And about 92 percent of those counties swung in Trump’s favor, while fewer than two dozen counties voted for his opponent, Hillary Clinton,” he explained. Many on social media were astounded at why such incongruous topics should be forced to share a headline.
 Source: The Blaze

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