Chelsea Handler Has a Frightening Theory About Sean Spicer

Chelsea Handler Has a Frightening Theory About Sean Spicer
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Chelsea Handler went after President Donald Trump saying that “the administration is going to go down.”

During the 42-year-old comedian’s appearance on “The Late Night with Seth Myers” Monday, Handler said the best thing Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer could do is to separate himself from the president and be a “hero” by not working for him anymore.

“I mean, first of all it’s so scary, obviously, it’s scarier then it is funny, but I choose to look at the funny, instead of focus on the scary just to get through every day and afternoon,” Handler said. “But the White House briefings are obviously really fun every day. It’s like having a playdate. I can’t wait til one day he comes in looking like your drummer — just like, all beat up.” 

“I mean he is late every single day for that press briefing,” she added. “They’re like, ‘we don’t know what’s keeping him,’ because he has diarrhea, every single day! My feeling with Sean Spicer is what’s his end game?”
 Source: The Smoke Room

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