CNN Declares New Trump Hire The President's 'Mini-Me'

CNN Declares New Trump Hire The President's 'Mini-Me'
Wikimedia Commons - Gage Skidmore
White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci appears to have a very simple strategy for success in his new gig: Sound as much like Donald Trump as humanly possible."We're going to win so much you are actually going to get tired of winning," Scaramucci promised "New Day" co-anchor Chris Cuomo Wednesday morning on CNN.

That is, of course, a Trump quote -- repeated almost verbatim.

"We're going to win so much, you're going to be so sick and tired of winning, you're going to come to me and go 'Please, please, we can't win anymore.'" Trump told a Montana crowd in May 2016.  It's not a leap to say Trump likes Scaramucci because the new communications director reminds the president of himself at a younger age. (Trump is 71, Scaramucci is 53.)

Knowing that, Scaramucci is endeavoring to sound as much like Trump as possible. After all, you can't fire yourself, right? Right? Scaramucci is a survivor. And he's quickly identified the best way to survive the political car crash that is this White House: Get as close to the President as possible -- even if that means stealing a few (or a lot) of his best lines.

 Source: Chris Cilizza

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