Dan Rather Shreds Donald Trump For Not Being 'Presidential'

  • Source: CNN
  • by: Jack Wattles
Dan Rather Shreds Donald Trump For Not Being 'Presidential'
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Former CBS anchor Dan Rather says it's too soon to be praising President Trump for acting "presidential."

Rather said Sunday on CNN's "Reliable Sources" that Trump is receiving unwarranted applause for his recent military actions, such as authorizing missile strikes in Syria and dropping a powerful bomb on an ISIS camp in Afghanistan. He has in recent days criticized members of the press he says "lauded" Trump's actions.

"Dropping bombs, having missile strikes, doesn't make one presidential," Rather said.

Instead, Rather said Trump should be judged on his ability to "keep the peace." He described countries like North Korea, Syria, Iraq and Yemen as "flashpoints" that are "real powder kegs with a real short fuse burning."
 Source: CNN

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