Fox News Hit With Three More Lawsuits—See All the Details

Fox News Hit With Three More Lawsuits—See All the Details
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Three more Fox News employees have come forward with claims of discrimination, making a total of 23 current and former staffers fighting against the network — and Radar has the exclusive details.

According to a press release from Wigdor LLP., a New York employment law firm representing the workers in the case, the new complaints were filed Monday on behalf of Kathleen Lee, Naima Farrow and Vidya Mann.

Lee, a shift editor at Fox News Radio, claims she experienced retaliation after reporting sexist and harassing behavior. Farrow, a former accounts payable coordinator, alleges her work environment became racially hostile less than three days after telling her supervisor she was pregnant and she was fired shortly thereafter. Mann, a former accounts receivables specialist who wasn’t listed as a permanent employee, claimed she faced racial discrimination and was fired after giving birth.

In addition, Wigdor LLP. now represents the Black IT employee who was the subject of Bob Beckel’s allegedly racist behavior on May 16, 2017.
 Source: Radar Online

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