Fox News Host Schools 'Pathetic' Anti-Trump Media

Fox News Host Schools 'Pathetic' Anti-Trump Media
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Fox News host Eric Bolling assailed the mainstream media Wednesday for what he saw as a biased obsession with the Russian investigation.

“Time to wake up, America,” Bolling began on his show “The Specialists.” “Last night, we had a special 11 p.m. live show the Fox News ‘Specialists’ after dark, so to speak. Anyway, during some very heated debate regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, I said collusion in and of itself is not illegal.

“Well, the liberal media went apoplectic,” he explained. “But guess what, collusion isn’t illegal at all, and chatting about adoption policy certainly is not criminal. Politico magazine published a very nicely researched paper today highlighting several constitutional scholars and prosecutors who overwhelmingly agree with that thesis. So, what’s all this hysteria about?” he asked. “I think I figured it out last night as well. This is a liberal media ‘witch hunt.’ A witch hunt not seen since Salem circa 1692.”

“But the liberal media keeps on hunting for those witches,” he added. “They’ve become as pathetic as a middle school boy with a crush on the cheerleader hoping for just once she agrees to date him.”
 Source: The Blaze

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