Fox News Just Ripped Apart Anchor's Lawsuit

Fox News Just Ripped Apart Anchor's Lawsuit
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Fox News filed a motion for sanctions against Judd Burstein, the attorney representing former anchor Andrea Tantaros in a lawsuit that the network called “fiction” in court documents obtained by TheWrap.

Tantaros, a former host of the Fox show “The Five,” filed a lawsuit last month against Fox News and other executives, claiming that an extensive online harassment campaign had been waged against her.

“The allegations of the Complaint read like the plot of a television drama: Plaintiff Andrea Tantaros claims that her then-employer, Fox News Network, LLC (“Fox News”), hacked her laptop computer, tapped her telephone, and then tortured her with the information gathered from those acts by sending her coded messages through a ‘sockpuppet’ social media
account. But pleadings in federal court are not supposed to be works of fiction; they must be grounded in fact,” the document states.

Tantaros’ lawsuit, filed in Manhattan Federal Court in April, charges the Fox News network, now-deceased former CEO Roger Ailes, former co-president Bill Shine, PR executive Irena Briganti, and social media consultant Peter Snyder for “digital character assassination” involving hacking and threats.
 Source: The Wrap

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