How This Special Forces Operator Saved a Girl from ISIS—And the Bible Verse He Credits For It

How This Special Forces Operator Saved a Girl from ISIS—And the Bible Verse He Credits For It
In a truly inspiring interview Thursday with Fox News’ Heather Childers, former U.S. Special Forces operative David Eubank shared how God gave him the strength to save an Iraqi girl while under fire from ISIS terrorists. He recalled a verse from the Bible that helped him find the courage he needed.

“Iraqi forces battle the last ISIS fighters in Mosul hundreds of people in Iraq’s second largest city remain without food, without water, with many of those families who can’t get out of the city trying to survive shooting and shelling,” Childers explained. “One aid worker risk[ed] his life in heavy sniper fire, to rescue a little girl,” Childers said. “And the man who made that dramatic rescue is David Eubank, he’s a former U.S. Special Forces operative turned aid worker.”

The Blaze posted a transcript of the interview:

“So take us back to that moment,” she asked, “this was a five year old or six year old little girl?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Eubank answered, “that was on June the 2nd. But before that, we’d seen ISIS steadily killing more and more people. And June the 1st was about a hundred people tried to cross that road and got shot. I found at least seventy bodies. And we thought they were all dead, but on the morning of June the 2nd we saw there was still living, back up against the wall where ISIS couldn’t shoot them, and so we prayed, ‘God help us! How do we help these people?'”

“And you’ve said it was a Bible verse that actually made you able to run into that gunfire.” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied, “and that’s John 15:13, ‘greater love hath no man than this — that he lay down his life for his friends.’ And I thought that little girl could be my girl. And so I prayed, the Americans and the Iraqis worked together, the Americans dropped smoke right in front of us, the Iraqis gave us a tank. And my team, a guy from Burma named ‘Monkey’ who did the filming, Sky, and Ephram, and a man from Syria who’s a translator ran behind. And when we got to that point, it looked like you were gonna die – crossing that tank out in the open.”

“But I thought, ‘If I die right now, my wife and kids will understand it’s for the love of that girl.’ And that’s why I did it,” he concluded.

 Source: The Blaze

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