Is This Reality Superstar Moving On to Politics?

Is This Reality Superstar Moving On to Politics?
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As the ratings for Keeping Up With The Kardashians continue to dwindle every week, family momager Kris Jenner has a new plan to jolt her daughters’ TV fame back to life: send them into politics!|

According to an exclusive from Straight Shuter, the famed mother is demanding her daughters follow suit.

“In an upcoming episode [of KUWTK] you will see Kim attending Planned Parenthood with her camera crew,” sources told the publication. “Kris is encouraging all the girls to talk about what is going on in the country and is pushing for at least one of her kids to be a Trump supporter.”

“Kris knows TV, if they all agree it is boring. Kris wants controversy and disagreements and nothing does that more at the moment than talking politics,” the insiders added.
 Source: Radar Online

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