It's On! Trump Takes On 'Fake News' CNN

It's On! Trump Takes On 'Fake News' CNN
Wikimedia Commons - Gage Skidmore
The fire has not died down between CNN and President Trump.

A CNN story, which has since been retracted, reported that  Congress was investigating a “Russian investment fund with ties to Trump officials,” citing an unnamed official. Three staffers resigned as a result. Trump responded to the fiasco on Twitter.
  On Tuesday, Project Veritas published an undercover video that purportedly shows a CNN producer criticizing the network for its frequent coverage of any potential collusion between Trump and Russia.

The producer, identified as John Bonifield, was asked whether CNN's coverage is "bulls***." He replied, "Could be bulls***, I mean, it's mostly bulls*** right now." Bonifield also called the coverage a "witch hunt" done only for ratings. 
  Of course, the president didn't get to tweet about "fake news" without media chiming in. See their comments below:
 Source: American Update

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