Liberal Author Apologizes for Anti-Trump Fake News

Liberal Author Apologizes for Anti-Trump Fake News
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Author J.K. Rowling issued an apology Monday after falsely accusing President Donald Trump of refusing to shake hands with a disabled boy by sharing an edited video clip on her social media account over the weekend.

The boy’s mother lashed out at Rowling, saying that the Harry Potter scribe wrongly said Trump ignored and refused to shake her disabled son’s hand during a recent meet-and-greet.

“If someone can please get a message to JK Rowling: Trump didn’t snub my son & Monty wasn’t even trying to shake his hand,” Ms. Kelly Weer wrote in a post on Facebook, slamming Rowling’s inaccurate description of a video showing her son meeting President Trump. “1. He’s 3 and hand shaking is not his thing 2. he was showing off his newly acquired secret service patch). Thanks,” Weer wrote.

Rowling finally deleted her tweets and apologized to the boy and his family for spreading false claims, but did not apologize to President Trump. A spokesperson for Rowling apparently refused to confirm to CNN’s Oliver Darcy whether or not the author would apologize to Trump.
 Source: Breitbart

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