Megyn Kelly Skewered in Yet Another Blistering Review

Megyn Kelly Skewered in Yet Another Blistering Review
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The Boston Globe’s television critic Matthew Gilbert ripped Kelly for lacking both the charisma and acumen to be successful at NBC News.

After watching the first three poorly-rated episodes of Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, he notes that charisma is a “relatively hard quality to define” and points out that “Merriam-Webster actually resorts to the supernatural in its first definition of the word: ‘A personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure.’”

“All I know is that I don’t find Megyn Kelly charismatic. She has no ‘personal magic,’” Gilbert writes, adding that Kelly “is lacking in that mysterious quality that engenders curiosity, excitement, and trust in a TV viewer.”

According to Gilbert, “there’s something stubbornly shallow about her presence, so that when she sits down with an international dodge artist like Vladimir Putin, she seems way out of her league.” Kelly, according to Gilbert, “came off like a poseur” in her widely-criticized interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin by just “going through the motions of seriousness” and wound up looking “two-faced” after her disastrous interview with Alex Jones aired.
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