Michael Moore's Latest Project Will Make Trump Furious

Michael Moore's Latest Project Will Make Trump Furious
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Michael Moore is headed to Broadway.

The filmmaker announced Monday morning that he will star in The Terms of My Surrender, a new Broadway play that will attempt to take down Donald Trump.

Michael Mayer, the Tony-winning director of the original Spring Awakening as well as the hit Hedwig and the Angry Inch revival, will stage the IMG Original Content production. The comedic show will mark Moore's New York stage debut.

"I'm in a 'take no prisoners' mode," Moore explained at a press conference at Sardi's. "We’ve seen newspapers take down presidents, TV shows bring down CEOs, books have taken down the powerful — art forms have contributed to making things better. ... Why don’t we see if every night — and twice in the afternoon for 12 weeks — if a piece of theater could raise enough of a ruckus to discombobulate a man sitting in the Oval Office? I don’t know, but I’d like to find out. Hey, stranger things have happened in the last year.”
 Source: Hollywood Reporter

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