More Like BugsFeed! BuzzFeed Offices Infested With Bedbugs

More Like BugsFeed! BuzzFeed Offices Infested With Bedbugs
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BuzzFeed employees will be working from home thanks to a newly discovered infestation of bedbugs, according to an email to the staff this morning from Carole Robinson, chief communications officer of the company:

"We are acting out of an abundance of caution and asking you to work from home tomorrow to give facilities the chance to deal with this in the fastest and environmentally safest manner," the email reads. "Fumigation will take place as soon as possible tomorrow."

The office will be open until 11 a.m. today to give employees the chance to grab their laptops and anything else they need from their desks, according to the note. Staffers have been asked to avoid picking up items that are currently on the floor.

"We have every expectation that it will be all clear to re-enter the office and resume normal course of business by Friday morning," Robinson wrote.
 Source: Poynter

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