Rapper Reignites Feud With Tomi Lahren

  • Source: DCist
  • by: Rachel Kurzius
Rapper Reignites Feud With Tomi Lahren
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We knew D.C. rapper Wale hit the big-time when he made it onto the new Ben's Chili Bowl mural, but here's another notch in his belt of success.

For pretty much all of 2017, Wale has been in an ongoing Twitter feud with conservative pundit Tomi Lahren. It began when he dissed Lahren in his single "Smile," and added lemon juice to the wound by mispronouncing her name "Tammy" on purpose.

The interceding months have generally been good to Wale, whose new album made it onto the US Billboard 200. For Lahren, though, they've been a little rockier. The firebrand gained attention with social media-friendly "Final Thoughts" videos, where she calls climate change "bad weather" and insists that Beyonce is the "real racist." In March, she was fired from her post at TheBlaze for coming out as pro-choice during an interview on The View.

And now, it looks like Alaska Airlines has added some fuel to the fire. Lahren used Twitter to complain about her experiences with the airline on Sunday. This is how they responded:  
 Source: DCist

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