Sarah Silverman Says Everyone Should Be Political Now

  • Source: CNN
  • by: Chloe Melas
Sarah Silverman Says Everyone Should Be Political Now
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Sarah Silverman isn't buying it if you claim to not be "political."

"There used to be a time where you could be an American and go 'Oh, I'm really not political,'" Silverman told CNN. "I mean those times are over. If you think you're not political, you're complicit in the insanity that's going on and the injustice."

Silverman returns to the stage in a Netflix comedy special on May 30, "Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust." But if you're looking for political humor, Silverman said you'll find more of that on her Twitter account.

"I do talk about politics and talk about social politics a bit in the special," she said. "But it's nothing like my Twitter feed. My Twitter feed is an American citizen, an earnest American citizen."

"A lot of times before I do a set, I'll be, like, 'I have nothing. I f**king have nothing,'" Silverman said. "But it always ends up being fine as long as I'm honest in the moment with the audience ... to just pretend like everything is okay when nothing is okay in my life is too false, they smell it."
 Source: CNN

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