Sarandon Shreds President Trump: 'He's Just Doing Everything So Badly'

Sarandon Shreds President Trump: 'He's Just Doing Everything So Badly'
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Susan Sarandon slammed President Donald Trump Friday night and said “he’s just doing everything so badly.”

During the 70-year-old actress’s appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” she called the president a “bozo,” but thanked Trump for getting people engaged in the political process, something she has said in the past when she called it the start of a “revolution.”

“Well, I’m so happy that you asked–not really, but okay we’ll get into it,” Sarandon replied when she was asked about how the revolution was going. “Have you seen this many town hall meetings with people from all parties storming and knocking on the doors of the representatives and complaining and screaming and yelling? People are really awake now because the cracks let the light in.”

“Goldman Sachs has been in politics forever, and now we’re noticing because this guy is such a bozo that he’s just doing everything so badly that he’s not slick like everybody else,” she added. “I mean, all the fracking that’s been going on, the pipelines were all there before Trump got in. This has been going on, but now everybody’s awake, they’re energized, right? They’re calling their senators, they’re donating to all of these groups.”
 Source: The Smoke Room

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