Seth Meyers Puts Trump on Blast for Love of Fox News

  • Source: Salon
  • by: Rachel Leah
Seth Meyers Puts Trump on Blast for Love of Fox News
Wikimedia Commons - Gage Skidmore
There are very few news outlets that have been able to escape President Donald Trump’s furious tweetstorms. But with its generous and favorable coverage, Fox News has remained the president’s prized news source, and Trump has routinely declared his fondness for the network.

In fact, Trump just assured the New York Times of Bill O’Reilly’s innocence,despite repeated sexual harassment settlements against the Fox News host. “Late Night” host Seth Meyers described Trump’s statement of defense in “A Closer Look” as “the latest example of the symbiotic relationship between Fox News and Trump.”

In February, Fox News got an “all-access” White House tour, which Meyers said, was “basically Trump’s relationship with Fox News in a nutshell. They give him glowing, unquestioning coverage, and in return, he gives them unparalleled access. And they’ll go to absurd lengths to defend him.”

Fox News host Eric Bolling tried to compare President Barack Obama’s first quarter in office, which was largely dictated by the financial crisis, to President Trump’s first quarter. But,Meyers felt a comparison between George Washington’s and Trump’s presidencies would have made more sense.
 Source: Salon

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