The 'American Horror Story' Actress that Wants to Play Kellyanne Conway

The 'American Horror Story' Actress that Wants to Play Kellyanne Conway
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After Ryan Murphy revealed that American Horror Story's seventh season would be inspired by the 2016 presidential election, fans immediately began dream-casting their favorite AHS stars as real-life political figures -- but they weren't the only ones! Actress Sarah Paulson has her own idea of who she'd like to play in the new season.

"I'd love to play Kellyanne Conway," Sarah Paulson told at PaleyFest. "First of all, where is she? We haven't seen her in a couple weeks. What's going on? ... She was everywhere. We could not get her to shut up. And now, where is she? ... Don't get me wrong. I'm appreciating the silence, the quiet, but I am curious. That's an American horror story for you: What happened to Kellyanne Conway?"

Some of Paulson's AHS co-stars also had a few casting suggestions for Murphy. "Ivanka Trump," Denis O'Hare joked, before settling on Steve Bannon "because he's the scariest person alive."

"I'd have to probably do a little work on my face, but I think he'd be really interesting because he's truly horrifying," O'Hare continued. "I could also play Paul Manafort, but he's not quite as interesting because he also got ejected soon. And Mike Pence is really scary in a sort of smiley mask."
 Source: TV Guide

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