The Numbers Are In: How Fox is Doing Without Roger Ailes

  • Source: CNN
  • by: Dylan Byers
The Numbers Are In: How Fox is Doing Without Roger Ailes
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When Roger Ailes resigned from Fox News one year ago, critics questioned whether the network could stay dominant without its visionary founder.

One year later, Fox News remains the most-watched network on cable news and one of the most powerful forces in American politics. The brand that Ailes built has retained its loyal following and proven stronger than the scandals it endured, or the talent it has lost, or been forced to drop, since Ailes left amid a flurry of sexual harassment allegations, which he denied.

But something has also changed: Under its new leader, Rupert Murdoch, Fox News has consistently served as a booster for the President of the United States.

The network's primetime hosts -- Tucker Carlson, most of the co-hosts of "The Five" and, most notably, Sean Hannity -- have become almost unfailingly loyal to Donald Trump, and reflexively dismissive of his faults and missteps. Their allegiance has at times made Fox News seem like a government mouthpiece, more wedded to a presidential administration than perhaps any major media organization in modern American history.
 Source: CNN

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