This HBO Star Just Offered to Buy Ads on the O'Reilly Factor

This HBO Star Just Offered to Buy Ads on the O'Reilly Factor
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John Oliver returned to his trusty friend, Catheter Cowboy, to help him attempt to educate Donald Trump once again with the use of ads. This time, Oliver was trying to teach Trump about sexual harassment in the wake of Trump's comments defending Bill O'Reilly.

"Yes, Bill O’Reilly, who scientists hypothesize is kind of a dense nebula of boner and racism, has been paying out settlements for alleged harassment for years," said Oliver. "And the details are pretty disturbing here, with the victims claiming things like verbal abuse, lewd comments, unwanted advances and phone calls in which it sounded as if Mr. O’Reilly was masturbating."

He's used Catheter Cowboy to talk about healthcare and the nuclear triad on Fox shows in the past, and he tried to buy an informative sexual harassment awareness ad on The O'Reilly Factor.

“We submitted it to stations on Friday, but weirdly we haven’t heard back from them since, which is a little surprising because we are one of the only advertisers offering to buy time on his show at the moment," said Oliver.
 Source: Hollywood Reporter

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