This Late-Night Host is Pushing a 'Trump-Free Tuesday'

This Late-Night Host is Pushing a 'Trump-Free Tuesday'
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Jimmy Kimmel has declared Tuesday to be a "Trump-free" show. 

During Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the late-night host explained "this is a special night," because he had decided not to address the president or his recent speech at all. 

"The president spoke tonight before a joint session of Congress and we're going to ignore it for a very good reason, and the reason is I need a break from it, to be honest with you," he said to loud cheers from the audience. 

"Tonight, if anyone says the name of the orange-colored man with the Russian boyfriend, they will have to put $100 in that jar that Guillermo's holding," pointing to a clear jar with a blonde wig on top. 

Kimmel also debuted a new segment entitled “What Do You Have To Plug?” in which the host gave audience members a chance to speak. After talking with two fans, Kimmel came to a third gentleman, who just so happened to be Chris Pratt. The actor shared a new trailer for his upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
 Source: Hollywood Reporter

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