Trump Comes Out On Top in Disney Debacle

Trump Comes Out On Top in Disney Debacle
Wikimedia Commons - Gage Skidmore
Disney has confirmed that a talking robot version of President Donald Trump will be added to Disney World’s iconic Hall of Presidents attraction later this year, despite a petition to keep him silent.

Disney Parks editorial content director Thomas Smith wrote in a blog post Tuesday that Trump would indeed be added to the hall, alongside the other 44 U.S. presidents, and would also have a speaking role in the attraction.

“Despite some media reports to the contrary, President Trump will have a speaking role in The Hall of Presidents, like every president since 1993,” Smith wrote in a post on the Disney Parks blog. “We have been working closely with the current White House — just as we have with previous administrations — and the president’s recording session has been scheduled. The attraction will re-open in late 2017.”

Smith also added that the attraction would remain closed while it undergoes an extensive renovation, including an upgraded theater and lighting system to provide “an even wider vantage point of our country’s history.”
 Source: Breitbart

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