Trump Protesters Spend $250,000 on Pig Balloons

Trump Protesters Spend $250,000 on Pig Balloons
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For those who thought Donald Trump would only be president when pigs fly, some Chicago architects have devised the perfect form of protest.

Windy City-based New World Design plans to float four giant balloons in the shape of golden pigs to block the 20-foot Trump sign outside the president’s hotel along the Chicago River in a one-day protest of the new administration, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Architect Jeffrey Roberts is seeking city clearances for the project, which would involve floating the bus-size balloons on a barge parked on the river in front of the hotel’s south facade. The firm hopes to stage the stunt sometime in late summer.

“It’s a commentary on the ridiculous nature of how politics have gotten in D.C.,” Roberts told the Tribune.
 Source: The Wrap

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