WATCH: Republican Shuts Down Liberal CNN Anchor

WATCH: Republican Shuts Down Liberal CNN Anchor
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The controversial story of a 10-page document drafted by a Google engineer to criticize left-wing bias at the company resulted in his firing after the document was leaked. It also resulted in a funny exchange where CNN’s Brooke Baldwin exhibited the exact kind of bias he was criticizing, and conservative Mary Katharine Ham shut it down.

The exchange happened on CNN Tuesday and included Liz Plank, a feminist correspondent at Vox.

“Mary Katharine, I think, you know,” Baldwin explained to Plank, “was essentially saying America is great for all these various opinions, diversification of thought, you know, that was maybe wrong for Google despite the fact that we don’t all agree with what this guy said. He’s allowed to say it.

“Do you think he’s allowed to say that where he’s essentially saying ‘I don’t really like women anywhere near a computer,’ and should even be fired for it?” she asked. Ham expressed shock and surprise through her facial expression at the mischaracterization of the document by Baldwin.

“I found it interesting that he felt comfortable sharing this with people at the company,” Plank answered, “in the way that I felt that it was interesting when stuff came out of the culture at Uber, that was enabled systemic sexual harassment.” See the exchange below:
 Source: The Blaze

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