Watch This Elated Man Set the Plinko Record on 'The Price is Right'

Watch This Elated Man Set the Plinko Record on 'The Price is Right'
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Rarely are we treated to uninhibited spectacles of joy so pure as this man’s reaction to setting the all-time record for Plinko winnings on The Price Is Right. When Ryan’s day started, he was just like you or me or any other person who had never been on the venerable game show before, but by the time it ended he was a daytime TV legend, taking home more than $30,000 from Plinko alone, and showing America what it truly means to seize your moment.

Ryan hugs Rachel Reynolds multiple times. He shouts and dances in front of host Drew Carey. He screams at the pitch of a frightened tween boy who’s too overwhelmed by the moment to self-consciously lower his voice in front of his friends. He starts a chant of his own damn name, and he goes just as hard when he hits the $1,000 slot as he does when he hits the $10,000 one. He’s even beyond hyped when he correctly prices a pencil sharpener. Ryan is grateful. Ryan is in red cargo shorts. Ryan is alive. At a time when it feels like we so often have to snatch moments of happiness from the clenched jaws of fear, let Ryan be our guide to how we should truly celebrate the good times: loudly, completely, publicly, and without fear of judgment.

 Source: Vulture

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