Whoopi Goes After Trump For Trying to 'Erase' Obama

Whoopi Goes After Trump For Trying to 'Erase' Obama
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Things got heated on “The View” Tuesday when the co-hosts were arguing over whether President Donald Trump’s travel ban is really a Muslim ban. During the discussion, Whoopi Goldberg insisted that Trump’s executive order to limit immigration from six Muslim-majority countries is only about erasing whatever legacy was left by Barack Obama.

“He is banning a religion,” Goldberg explained, after Jedediah Bila tried to get her to understand that  “[Trump’s] not banning a religion.”

“Yes, listen, I’m sorry it is,” she added. “You’re a Muslim that’s also your religion.” Bila then tried to calm things down and explained that regardless of your thoughts about Trump, a president has right to determine immigration policy.

“No, that’s not what he’s doing,” Goldberg jumped in. “That has been in place when Obama first said ‘Hey, we got to take a look at these countries because there is a leak here…it’s too porous.’ He’s already done that. Look, there is nothing you can do new guy [Trump] about the fact that you are never going to be the first black president,” she added. “You’re never going to take that away. Okay, so, you can’t erase Obama.”
 Source: Daily Caller

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