Aaron Rodgers' Beer Drinking Skills Challenged by Matthew Stafford

Aaron Rodgers' Beer Drinking Skills Challenged by Matthew Stafford
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Aaron Rodgers recently chugged a beer on camera while attending a Milwaukee Bucks game. It didn't go as planned and now his failure is being called out by fellow NFL QB Matthew Stafford.

According to Page Six:

Aaron Rodgers isn’t the most talented quarterback in the NFC North … when it comes to chugging beer.

At Thursday night’s Bucks game, the Packers star was featured on the video board after his left tackle David Bakhtiari had just effortlessly slammed back two beers. Rodgers could only manage to get through half a brew before sheepishly putting his beverage back to the floor.

To celebrate his clear victory, Bakhtiari quickly drank a third beer as the crowd cheered. Brewers star Christian Yelich also got in on the act, deepening Rodgers’ humiliation.

And then in a bar far from Milwaukee, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford dominated Rodgers like he has so often failed to do on the football field. Stafford’s wife, Kelly, posted a video on Instagram of Stafford watching the Bucks game on  TNT then taking down a pint glass like a boss. The post was tagged from The Breakers Palm Beach in Florida and captioned “#kingofthenorth”



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Rodgers must be waiting impatiently for the NFL season to start so he can redeem himself.

 Source: American Update

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