Actor Criticizes Roseanne's Comments

Actor Criticizes Roseanne's Comments
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Roseanne recently made some controversial statements and actor Anthony Anderson has responded.

According to Fox News:

Following an unhinged rant during a recent interview in which now-disgraced comedian Roseanne Barr lambasted Democratic congresswomen and referred to #MeToo advocates as “hos,” actor Anthony Anderson is claiming it’s all a cry for help.

The “Black-ish” star was caught by TMZ leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles Sunday and asked him how he felt about Roseanne’s rant.

“I’ll say this… I don’t know what she said, I just heard about what she said,” the star, 48, said. “But what I heard.. some people need help.”

Anderson’s comments come just one day after Barr appeared on an episode of the “Candace Owens Show” in which she discussed a myriad of topics with the interviewer and hit on a lot of controversial subjects, including the #MeToo movement.

Roseanne also used the rant to criticize Democrat members of Congress including presidential hopeful Kamala Harris.

 Source: American Update

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