Actress Mysteriously Passes Away

Actress Mysteriously Passes Away
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Actress Lisa Sheridan has passed away and reports suggest that the details lead to a mystery surrounding her death.

According to Fox News:

“Halt and Catch Fire” actress Lisa Sheridan died at her New Orleans home on Feb. 25 at age 44.

The star’s manager, Mitch Clem, confirmed her death to Fox News in a statement saying that there’s currently no cause of death, but assured fans that she did not take her own life.

“She was at home in New Orleans. Obviously, we were all blindsided with this devastating loss.  Lisa was deeply loved. We are heart broken and enormously saddened. Cause of death is not known at this time. We are waiting for the coroner's report," he told Fox.

He continued: “The family has unequivocally confirmed that this is not a suicide. Any suggestion to the contrary is absolutely, 100 percent unfounded.”

The actress has reportedly earned more than 30 television credits over the course of your career.

 Source: American Update

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