Actress Sues After Being called the 'N-Word,' Fired For Christian Views Expressed On Social Media

 Actress Sues After Being called the 'N-Word,' Fired For Christian Views Expressed On Social Media
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'Color Purple' actress Seyi Omooba received a firestorm of hate and was fired after old social media posts were unearthed which showed that she held traditional Christian views on homosexuality. As Fox News reports:

A leading actress in the U.K. was told to choose between her career or her faith after a social media post from 2014 in which she questioned homosexuality surfaced earlier this year. She was fired from her role in a theater production, was reportedly harassed – including being called the N-word – and has not been able to find work since. Now she's suing for breach of contract and for anti-Christian discrimination.

The day after Seyi Omooba, a 25-year-old British-born actress, landed the lead role of Celie in a London production of "The Color Purple," a colleague whom she didn't know tweeted a screenshot of an old Facebook post, in which she commented on the government introducing same-sex marriage legislation...


She was then told by her agency, Global Artists, that she would be able to continue with them only if she retracted the comments and publicly apologized for them. Before she could respond, a satirical blog with a fake quote from Omooba blew up and days later her agency sent her an email letting her know she'd been fired...

“This story sends a chilling message to Christians, not only in the theatre profession but across our society, that if you express and hold mainstream Biblical views, you will be punished and will lose your career if you do not immediately renounce your beliefs," Andrew Williams, CEO of Christian Legal Centre, said in a statement.

Another extreme example of what future awaits America if President Trump is allowed to be removed by far-left, impeachment hungrey Democrats. After which American Christians will be left with no defense against the ravages of the ultra-left.
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