Alec Baldwin Reveals Why He Attacked Man

Alec Baldwin Reveals Why He Attacked Man
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Alec Baldwin recently pled guilty to assaulting a man over a parking space in New York City. According to the actor, he thought the man who stole the spot was going to run over his wife.

According to Fox News:

Alec Baldwin is addressing his parking spot scuffle last year in New York City's ritzy West Village neighborhood that landed him in handcuffs.

The hot-headed actor said he thought the man who snagged the coveted parking space was “going to run over” his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, 34.

“I mean, did I have an argument with the guy? Yeah, I thought he was going to run my wife over with his car when he was stealing my parking spot,” Baldwin, 60, explained on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday.

Baldwin admits that he and the man got into an altercation, but said he was “upset” by reports their encounter came to fisticuffs.

Baldwin was fined a small amount of money and ordered to undergo anger management training as a result if the incident.

 Source: American Update

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