Alec Baldwin Says He Didn't Need Anger Management

Alec Baldwin Says He Didn't Need Anger Management
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Alec Baldwin recently stated that anger management made him realize that he did not need anger management.

According to Fox News:

Alec Baldwin swears he's not a mad man.

The "30 Rock" star says that being sentenced to anger management following an altercation about a parking space made him realize that his temper isn't half-bad.

"When you go to anger management you realize you’re not that angry," he chuckled in an interview with Howard Stern, detailing how others in his anger management program lashed out over eating utensils.

Baldwin was sentenced to anger management as penance for a harassment charge after a man alleged that Baldwin punched him over a parking space.

Baldwin continues to contend that he was worried the other guy was going to hurt his wife and son. The judge apparently did not buy that.

 Source: American Update

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