Alec Baldwin Sends Melania Trump an Invitation

Alec Baldwin Sends Melania Trump an Invitation
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Alec Baldwin has sent an invitation to Melania Trump that she's unlikely to accept.

The Wrap reports:

Alec Baldwin extended Melania Trump a standing invitation to appear on “Saturday Night Live” alongside him spoofing her husband, President Donald Trump.

“Dear Melania- We know what you’re thinking. What you’re feeling. You are quaking w anticipation. Shuddering w a strange, newfound courage. Come. Come over to the light,” tweeted the actor, who has portrayed the POTUS on “SNL” the past two seasons, on Saturday.

“We will welcome you as a hero in ways you never imagined possible. And then do SNL w me. Sincerely, Alec.”​In a follow-up tweet, Baldwin shared a photo him and the First Lady at an event, stating: “We have a chair waiting for you in the @nbcsnl make-up room.”

 Source: American Update

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