All the Celebrities We Lost in 2017

All the Celebrities We Lost in 2017
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For those of us of a certain age, a light shines brightly in a cherished corner of our memories. It's television, a light with a vague flicker from a convex screen that would be square if not for the curves at all four corners.

In the light of this window on the world trod a parade of immortals seen by tens of millions on just three networks. It was long ago, yet for many of us, it still feels close at hand. And when the legends die, we remember them as if it were only yesterday.

What more can one say about Mary Tyler Moore? She was 80 when she died in January, but in our memories, she will always be around 30 and indistinguishable from the character she was best known for playing, Mary Richards of WJM-TV in Minneapolis -- striving, ambitious, strong and sometimes brittle -- an everywoman for the ’70s and for the ages, brought to us in 576 lines of definition.

Across our field of vision jumped Gomer Pyle, one of the most luminous TV characters ever created, and he too was indistinguishable from the artist who played him, Jim Nabors -- right up until the artist opened his mouth to sing and we stared in disbelief at the depth and talent of this man.

Other celebrities we lost:

Adam West
David Cassidy
Dick Gautier
Mike Connors
Monty Hall
Bob Schiller
Stan Hart
June Foray
Joe Harris
Chuck Barris
Glen Campbell
Della Reese
Robert Guillaume
Richard Anderson
Roger Smith
Michael Parks
Stephen Furst
Powers Boothe
Erin Moran
Roger Moore
Joseph Wapner
Dorothy Mengering
Jay Thomas
Bill Dana
Don Rickles
Jerry Lewis
Robert Osborne

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