Anti-Trumper Tom Arnold Makes Insane Statement

Anti-Trump actor and comedian Tom Arnold recently said he would endorse a Nazi over Trump, but it is unclear if it was a joke or if he is serious.

According to Town Hall:

Okay, take this with a grain of salt because Tom Arnold is an actor and a comedian. You can tell where he’s semi-serious on some points. Human Events posted the video of the actor and former host of ESPN’s Best Damn Sports Show Period mucking it up with folks outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles. He speaks highly of Ben Shapiro and Michael Knowles, saying that he respects them, but does not agree with them politically. What else is new? He then goes into an anti-Trump tirade, calling Donald Trump the worst president we ever had, a traitor, and a white supremacist. Oh, and the border wall is based on racism and he’s incompetent. 

Yeah, all of this is typical nonsense from the anti-Trump Left, which has been driven insane especially after the report submitted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller showed there was no Russian collusion. It was a two-year liberal media myth peddled to keep the legions of progressive frothing at the mouth. It worked. It broke their brains. 

Again, Arnold is a comedian, so give a bit of leeway here. He’s also anti-Trump, so no shocker that he’s repeating the attack lines. Yet, saying Trump is so bad that he would back a Nazi before voting for Trump. Well, I’m going to say it was a swing at humor, which failed miserably. In the end, he admits he would never do that. At first, Arnold is seen being cordial with this crew assembled outside of this establishment, noting that it’s important to engage those with whom you disagree, but when you start throwing around Nazi trash, well, you lose everyone—even if it’s a poor attempt at humor (via Human Events): 


Now, dialing it down for a second here’s the thing about this whole ‘Trump is evil’ tangent that has engulfed the Left. With the legions of liberal morons now being ‘woke’ to this, that, and the other in their cesspool of stupidity, one issue that also comes into play with Trump is sexual assault and harassment. 

Arnold has been going after Trump since he took office so this statement would not be shocking if true.

 Source: American Update

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