Arnold Schwarzenegger Slams Trump, Claims That He 'Wants To Be Me'

Arnold Schwarzenegger Slams Trump, Claims That He 'Wants To Be Me'
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Former Governor of California and 'Terminator' actor Arnold Schwarzenegger slammed President Trump in a new interview. As Fox News reports:

Arnold Schwarzenegger and President Trump have been feuding for years — and the actor believes he knows why.

The "Terminator" star and former governor of California, 72, said in a new interivew that he thinks Trump is "in love" with him. "That’s the reality of it," Schwarzenegger said. "With Trump, he wants to be me.”

“I don’t think he fears me. But I remember that in the old days, when we went to the wrestling matches, the way he admired people with bodies, and the way they would jump around in the ring, and to perform physical stunts and stuff like that — he had great admiration for that," he told Men's Health for its October cover story...

Schwarzenegger has been openly critical about Trump's political decisions. He previously mocked the president’s physique and called him “meshugge” (crazy in Yiddish) in reference to POTUS’ decision to walk away from an international accord to curb global warming.


Schwarzenegger has become increasingly irrelevant in recent years and his decision to attempt to go after the president reeks of a desperate attempt to gain attention. It's looks like he just decided to have his career 'Self-Terminate.'

 Source: American Update

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