Ashton Kutcher Testimony In Murder Trial Raises Questions

Ashton Kutcher Testimony In Murder Trial Raises Questions
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Actor Ashton Kutcher's testimony in the trial of the "Hollywood ripper" could make a big difference in the out come of the case, or at least this is what the suspect's defense attorney hopes. As Fox News reports:

An attorney for the man accused of killing two women in Southern California believes testimony given by actor Ashton Kutcher may prove his client is innocent.

In closing arguments in the alleged “Hollywood Ripper” murder trial, attorney Daniel Nardoni made the argument that two other men could be responsible for the stabbing deaths of Ashley Ellerin and Maria Bruno. His client, 43-year-old Michael Gargiulo, is on trial for the killings as well as for the death of an 18-year-old in his hometown of Glenview, Illinois in 1993 that is being tried separately.

Previously Kutcher testified that he was an acquaintance of Ellerin in 2001 when she was 22. The actor was planning to take her out on a date the night she was killed but was late arriving to her home. When no one answered the door, he assumed that she went out for the evening without him since he was late. He testified that he peered in the window and saw what he thought were wine stains before leaving.

"Ashton Kutcher is a celebrity star in the entertainment industry," Nardoni said. "And I believe Ashton Kutcher is the star witness in this case."

A truly disturbing situation, will Kutcher's testimony help to get the suspected killer off?
 Source: American Update

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