Awkward! Matt Lauer Makes Fun of Megyn Kelly's Failing Show

Awkward! Matt Lauer Makes Fun of Megyn Kelly's Failing Show
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Well, this is a bit awkward! When Matt Lauer appeared on Megyn Kelly Today on Tuesday, Nov. 2 to share his recipe for spaghetti carbonara, the veteran Today anchor was the perfect guest. He charmed Megyn Kelly's audience during the segment by jokingly asking if she could separate eggs and even high-fived her at the end. But, according to In Touch Weekly, Matt was just playing along. Off-camera, however, he hasn’t bothered to hide his displeasure.

According to sources, the 59-year-old has been poking fun at Megyn’s troubled talk show since the former Fox News anchor premiered on the 9 a.m. hour in September. And in late October, Matt was reportedly overheard saying, “I get it” after being told that some celebrities have been advised to not go on his colleague’s show. But when word of that latest diss got to NBC’s top brass, Matt was called in for a meeting.

“He was told it was time to get on board with Megyn’s show or he could find another place to work,” an insider exclusively told In Touch. But Matt showed no remorse. “He said if someone overheard his comments, oh well," the insider revealed. Matt knows execs can’t touch him. "There is no heir apparent to take over for him, or even someone being groomed for his position for down the road," the source added.

Though Matt clashed with his bosses, the real source of his anger remains Megyn. The two media powerhouses have butted heads since Megyn, 46, joined the network, and Matt feels it isn’t his fault. “He tried to welcome Megyn with open arms,” the insider confessed. “He genuinely tried to give her advice about how to succeed in morning television, but she wasn’t interested in hearing it. He’s had enough.” And he’s done trying to keep the peace. As In Touch previously reported, Matt and Megyn recently had an argument after she was excluded from the show’s coverage of the aftermath of the Sunday, Oct. 1 Las Vegas shooting, and Today employees believe it’s only a matter of time before one of them gets the boot.
 Source: Closer Weekly

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