Barack Obama Dines With Unhinged Trump Critic Robert Deniro

Barack Obama Dines With Unhinged Trump Critic Robert Deniro
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Former President Barack Obama decided to have dinner with one of President Trump's most unhinged critics: the rapidly aging, and increasingly irrelevant actor Robert De Niro. As Breitbart reports:

Former President Barack Obama had dinner with actor Robert De Niro, one of Hollywood’s most outspoken Trump critics, in New York City on Monday evening, according to a report.

The Daily Mail says Obama, wearing a black suit with dark sunglasses, was seen entering the Greenwich hotel ahead of his dinner with De Niro. The pair is said to have dined at Yves Restaurant in Tribeca. Robert De Niro has longed supported Obama, having campaigned for him in 2008.


As the Daily Mail notes, the dinner comes after Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company, Higher Ground,  signed a whopping $90 million deal to produce a Netflix series regarding calls to impeachment President Donald Trump. De Niro has long urged House Democrats to begin proceedings to remove the president, contending he “should not be president, period.”

In addition to their Netflix deal, the Obamas production company is teaming up with Spotify to produce exclusive podcasts for the platform. Under the partnership announced, the former president and first lady will develop and lend their voices to select podcasts.

The dinner is yet another example of the Obama's growing influence in Hollywood. 
 Source: American Update

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