Baseball Owner To Meet With Faith Leaders After Controversy

Baseball Owner To Meet With Faith Leaders After Controversy
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E. Miles Prentice, the owner of several minor league baseball teams has announced he will meet with faith leaders from various communities after he refused to meet with the Council on American-Islamic Relations due to its ties to Islamist terror group Hamas. As Fox News reports:

A minor league baseball owner who had refused to meet with a controversial, self-described Muslim civil rights group announced Friday he now plans to meet with “influential leaders of various faith communities.”

In his new statement, E. Miles Prentice, who owns the Single-A Connecticut Tigers and is the co-owner of the Double-A Midland Rockhounds, did not mention the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which had expressed concerns over his ties to the Center for Security Policy.

“For many baseball fans, the game is considered America’s pastime and a near-religious experience. There is, of course, no religious test for attending the games or any other form of discrimination practiced by any team with which I have been associated—never has been, never will be,” Prentice said in the statement. “After a short, long-planned family vacation next week, I will be meeting with influential leaders of various faith communities to affirm my personal commitment to welcoming and serving all of our fans, irrespective of their religious beliefs, if any, as we have always done.”

Prentice, who serves as the chairman of the Center for Security Policy, said Thursday he had no plans to meet with CAIR’s Connecticut chapter due to the group's ties to Hamas, which have been documented and scrutinized by federal officials.

 It's nice to see an American patriot like Prentice take a stand against groups linked to terror.
 Source: American Update

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