Bill Maher Admits Hillary "Committed Obstruction Of Justice"

Bill Maher Admits Hillary
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Bill Maher, late-night television host and frequent critic of President Trump, made an astonishing admission on Monday night when he admitted that he now believed that Hillary Clinton "committed obstruction of Justice" as was "a terrible candidate." As Fox News reports:

"There's a lot of reasons why the Democrats lost and many of them were Hillary was a terrible candidate, that's absolutely true," Maher said.

"She didn't help herself [nor] the situation with the emails in terms of how she handled her answers and her actions," Cuomo replied.

"Absolutely," Maher agreed. "And she committed obstruction of justice. Now Trump, I think, did in much worse fashion, but I mean... smashing up your phones and your hard drives..."

The "Real Time" host also warned 2020 Democrats to stop "pecking" at former Vice President Joe Biden if he's the only candidate who can beat President Trump in the general election as well as slammed political correctness as the "cancer of progressivism."

Will the shocking admission of reality from Maher serve as a wakeup call for Democrats before the 2020 election?

 Source: American Update

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