Bill Maher Slams Dems for Debate Strategy

Bill Maher Slams Dems for Debate Strategy
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TV host Bill Maher is slamming the Democrats for refusing the have a debate aired on Fox News Channel.

According to Fox News:

"New rule: Grow a pair."

"Real Time" host Bill Maher admonished Democrats on Friday night for refusing to host one of their 2020 election primary debates on Fox News.


“You wanna be in the big leagues, but you refuse to ever play an away game? You don’t like the questions that Fox News might ask, so you’re deciding not to take any questions at all? How very Trump of you,” he continued.

Maher added, “Republicans never shy away from coming on this show, and they come with a smile on their face despite knowing that the only people in the crowd cheering them on are the three campaign aides they brought with them … The audience is against them and they don’t care — it’s an opportunity to expose people to your side of the story.”

Maher used a poll that showed that 19 percent of all voters, Republican and Democrat, get their news from Fox News channel.

 Source: American Update

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