Bill O'Reilly Takes Down MSNBC Hosts in Extreme Rant

Bill O'Reilly Takes Down MSNBC Hosts in Extreme Rant
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Bill O’Reilly went on the war path against several MSNBC hosts during an interview today with New York radio program The Bernie and Sid Show.

The former Fox News giant was asked which news media personality he thinks is “the worst” among liberal journalistic figures determined to bring down President Donald Trump. O’Reilly answered that Lawrence O’Donnell is at the “bottom of the barrel” — particularly because of his “un-American” kinds of slams against people in Trump-world.

“It’s not his political views I object to, its just that he’s a smear merchant, a guttersnipe, a nasty individual. He’s the worst.”

The discussion eventually moved towards Morning Joe, and O’Reilly argued that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are sellouts who would flip and become right wingers if MSNBC would pay them “a couple more million.” He also noted that the two hosts used to be friendly with Trump before their relationship deteriorated during the 2016 election.
 Source: Mediaite

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