Britt McHenry Sues Fox Host Tyrus Over Sexual Harassment Claims

Britt McHenry Sues Fox Host Tyrus Over Sexual Harassment Claims
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Fox News host Brit Mchenry has released a sexual harrassment lawsuit on both her employer and her former Fox co-host Tyrus after claiming that her 'UnPC' co-host Tyrus subjected her to a massive stream of abusive sexual comments. 

As The New York Post reports:

Fox News host Britt McHenry claims her co-host, former pro wrestler Tyrus, subjected her to a never-ending onslaught of sexual harassment at work, according to a new lawsuit...

Not long after, the 46-year-old began blowing up McHenry’s phone with lewd messages, and even threatened to send her an image of his genitals.

“I love your legs // F–k them your beautiful I love that picture // Is it creepy how I look at you ??? // FYI you’ll need those legs to escape from me in Montana // I please especially on your knees hotness,” Murdoch allegedly texted her on Nov. 2, 2018.

“I’ll show you what it mean to be bad Brittany Mc Henry // D–k pic coming in 5 sec!!!!” the lawsuit claims he texted her days later, on Nov. 5.

Tom Clare, the lawyer representing Tyrus, released a statement saying that his client denied all of McHenry's allegations and that he would be his own legal actions against McHenry.
 Source: American Update

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