Canadian Rock Band 'Nickelback' Gets Big Boost From Trump Tweet

Canadian Rock Band 'Nickelback' Gets Big Boost From Trump Tweet
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Canadian rock band Nickelback got a huge boost after President Trump used one of there songs in a tweet mocking Joe Biden's corruption. As The New York Post reports:

The Canadian pop rockers, who haven’t exactly topped the Billboard charts in more than a decade, saw downloads of their 2005 song “Photograph” go through the roof after Trump posted a clip of the tune online to take a shot at Joe Biden, Yahoo Finance said Tuesday.

Trump’s meme using the song on Twitter and YouTube sparked a 569% jump in downloads of the song — and more than 770,000 audio and video streams.

“LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH!” Trump said in the now-removed post.

The Oct. 2 post showed a doctored version of the song’s video, which shows Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger holding a photo frame.

In Trump's version of the music video, the original picture is replaced with one of Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden with an executive from a Ukrainian gas company.
 Source: American Update

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