Canceled Comedian Shane Gillis Claims President Trump Being Shot Would Be 'Funny'

Canceled Comedian Shane Gillis Claims President Trump Being Shot Would Be 'Funny'
Comedian Shane Gillis walked into even more controversy after being fired from Saturday Night Live for making racist remarks when he 'joked' about President Trump being shot.  As Fox News reports:

Shane Gillis joked that Donald Trump would be "the funniest" president "to see get shot" in his first return to stand-up after the comic was fired from "Saturday Night Live" earlier this week...

"For real, though, I did not vote for Donald Trump," he said, while winking at the audience, reported USA Today. "Look at me: I didn't, but that was tough. His whole campaign was at me. 'Are you a fat idiot? Yeah, dude, what're we doing?'"...

That's when Gillis pivoted to his joke about Trump being shot in an attempt to prove to his audience he's not "too pro-Trump."...

"I don't want you to think I'm too pro-Trump," Gillis shared. "I will say this: Of all the presidents I've been alive for, Trump would definitely be the funniest one to see get shot. Like, without a doubt, that'd be funny. I'm not asking for that; I don't want that to happen, but it would be funny to see. He'd be on stage talking (expletive), the shooter would be coming at him, and he'd be like, 'Sit down.' He'd definitely make a funny noise when he got hit. … It would be funny."

Gillis may have claimed his statement was a joke, but his 'joke' was also extremely dangerous. As he essentially implied that he would take pleasure from President Trump being gravely wounded or killed by an assassin's bullet. All an all his 'joke' was utterly despicable.
 Source: American Update

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